What does Facebook do with all your data?

So you log onto Facebook, like a few pictures, send a comment (or two) to some friends then log off. What does Facebook do with this content? Is it safe?

Facebook predicts your personal, private traits

Facebook has recently been going through some data by:

  • Finding out the personality types of users
  • Identifying your religious beliefs (e.g. Christianity vs Islam)
  • Predicting what your gender is
  • Developing an understanding of what intelligent might be
  • Identifying if you are happy with life
  • Finding out your sexual orientation (i.e. whether you are gay, bisexual or straight)

Facebook, therefore, is starting to illustrate the power of having all this free data. Whenever you sign up to Facebook you must accept the terms and conditions to use the service. By doing so you are allowing Facebook to analyse a lot of information about who you are, what you believe in, as well as, some of your most personal traits.

On the flip side

If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to worry about

But what if they sell all this data to third parties? What if they start predicting what you want in twenty years’ time? Is this a complete invasion of privacy?

If you use Facebook you should be aware of this use/misuse. This post is not an attempt to ‘freak you out’, it points out some privacy issues.

This post is an expansion, probably of many, of reasons why I don’t have Facebook.


12 thoughts on “What does Facebook do with all your data?

  1. In America, there are currently issues regarding facebook and the anti-Conservative censorship of a liberal/authoritarian agenda politically. Also, concerns have been raised that one of the third parties that information goes to is either the US government, directly or, a vender/front business that gives/sells information to the government. I am not on facebook, and cannot speak firsthand.
    Information mining, or “fishing expeditions”, by federal law enforcement looking to “troll up a catch”, by means of violating U.S. Constitutional Rights, is an issue of importance. Whether or not similar conditions exist in the UK, is unknown to me. Over here in the U.S., with a lack of an enemy, and problems with an Authoritarian Regime in power, the common Citizen is now at risk of being declared an Enemy of the State. Terrible situation. With the United Nations conference for Arms Trade Treaty, in New York City, March 18th through 28th, 2013, I will be closely watching events because if the government damages or suspends the Bill of Rights, which are the first ten Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, there could be dire problems. The government is cataloging information about people, on a personal level.
    It was best said by America’s Late & Beloved President Ronald Reagan, “Government, is not the solution to the problem; Government, IS the problem.”

    • Thanks very much for liking and commenting on this post, Brittius.
      In recent years’ I think people here, in the UK, are starting to change privacy settings etc. Use brings about misuse, such as stalking….
      I think the whole world is so connected to technology and we all need to be apart of the solution.
      See you around.

  2. My way of thinking about it, you have NO privacy what so ever when it comes to the internet. So just don’t post things you really don’t want people to know.

    I can’t believe that some people don’t know all this sort of thing is going on…

    also, i like your blog, keep it up, haha!

    • Thanks very much for liking and commenting on this post, LittleYellowCar.
      I guess we must note how different we all are. Some people do not think about looking at privacy settings because they are ‘different’.
      I am also glad you like my blog.
      See you around.

  3. I always try my best to not say too much about my private life on FB. In Belgium, we know that Govs are looking after us but not at the same level as other countries like the US (as the previous comment clearly said it). I’m always asking myself “should I stay on FB or is it better for me to leave it again?” The more I read about the subject of Fb & privacy, the more I think of leaving it.
    Thanks for this post =)

  4. With you on this one. I don’t have facebook either. One of my friends previous employers actually asked to have a form signed to say that the employer could have access to employees facebook accounts! Also I’ve heard, and I’m no techie so I’m not sure if this is true, if you use location services on your smartphone, and take a photo, it embeds your location in that photo, and the information stored can be used to find your location when the photo was taken. So if you were in your living room at the time, then, hey presto, you just potentially made available information on where you live. And ‘nothing to hide’? I have nothing to hide re the contents of my underwear drawer, but I don’t want people rifling through it, nonetheless!

    • Thanks a lot for your like and comment, janeykate.
      Locational technology is used in pictures, just as you said, so others know where and when it was taken.
      This technology, however, is not pin-point technology because it knows (up to a few hundred metres) roughly where you are.
      Your analogy is excellent. Thanks for sharing it on my blog.
      See you around.

  5. Thanks for this post. Facebook and I have a long history of me pretty much hating everything about them because of privacy issues. I do have an account now though and am aware that with that decision comes some risks in the area of my privacy. I am as careful as the privacy settings make possible though and even a bit more in some of the areas and I always do my best to make sure that I don’t post anything that could hurt me or my family if it were to be made public. The hardest part (and biggest concern for me) is how facebook has now been found out to be able to track you all over the internet whether you are still signed into their site or not. That part seriously is messed up. If I remember right, it is done with cookies and other things like that. Computer jargon is not my strong point.

  6. I have an account now by the way because of the Autism and Ehlers Danlos support I’ve been able to find on there through some of the groups and pages. Also, DogForDavid has a page on there to help us reach a bigger audience

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