Why bother reading/writing about our diet?

Lately I have been writing posts related to our diet but why do I write them?

Everything starts with our diet

Okay this is not one hundred per cent true but most things start with our diet. Other factors, such as genetics, for example, influence what goes on in our environment: Our body has its own boundary because everything inside our skin belongs to us in its own environment.

Our diet can have a large impact on this environment because everything we eat enters our environment: The food we eat gets behind our skin, consequently our environment.

Photo of the word “diet” made out of vegetables

What is a healthy diet? What is a balance?

The short answer to this is eating lots of whole-foods, such as fruit and vegetables, for example. A healthy diet is one rich in nutrients which helps us build and maintain an excellent environment, free of cancers, minor alignments and physical organ problems. Don’t just stop eating a bunch of fruits and vegetables, get a range of them. What is the easiest way to do this? Become adventerous next time you are at the supermarket, swap most of your vegetables in your homemade soup for completely different ones, or subsitute one or two vegetables for new ones in your stir-fry. Getting this range allows us to have an excellent environment.

Diet is not just about food

If you are anything like me, you will love great tasting food. But our diet isn’t just about taste, it’s about how we look (how our skin glows…), how we feel (do we stay mentally well…) and how we act (do we feel energised to…). Our diet has a huge impact on our life, eating a healthly and balanced diet allows you to look great, feel fantastic and have a lot of energy.

In short I write these posts to learn about our diet which allows me to maintain a healthy, enjoyable body, as well as being able to publish them on this blog which allows you to maintain a healthy and enjoyable body. I hope to continue to write some diet posts as part of this blog on life.


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