What are whole foods? Why are they good?

Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined foods which our body loves. In a nutshell, they are anything fresh and whole, such as vegetables and fruit, for example. Shelly Najjar explains what whole foods are in her blog post.

How to add whole foods to your diet

Fruit and vegetable salads
Fruit is naturally sweet, packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, and tastes lovely by itself. Try cutting up a few pieces of fruit in a bowl, you’ll love the sweetness first thing in the morning, or as a healthy snack.
If you’re having a lasagna, or some chips and burgers, add some vegetables to a salad. Cucumbers, onions and sweetcorn work really well with main meals.
Salads are a great and easy way to get whole-foods into your body.
Change some of your main meals
Try adding a homemade country vegetable soup, or a tasty stir-fry, into your main meal diet.
Add them to your favourite meals
Do you love that curry you make/buy? Add peas to it. Adding one of two vegetables is very easy to do.
Things like chickpeas and lentils, for instance, are legumes and are considered whole foods. Some legumes require to be soaked in water for 8 hours before cooking, so they are not considered handy for quick cooking!
Having said that legumes are very easy to eat and are packed with fiber which helps maintain a healthy digestion system. Try adding legumes to Mexican food — it is a great combination. Once you do this you’ll become an expert at adding them to other cuisines.

Health benefits of whole-foods

Whole foods have been proven to lower bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol. This helps us have a strong heart and clear arteries/veins. Whole foods are rich in fibre which helps us maintain a healthy digestive system.

I would also argue that whole foods can improve your mood, outlook on life, concentration… You might want to start eating more of them.


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