Bad moments

What can I do to get over a bad moment / time?

We all know that there are ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ to life and some of these downs are difficult to overcome for various reasons. But what can you do to shorten most, not all, of these bad / negative moments?

Think about the last time you had a great feeling
Remember that time you felt great (could be when you passed your driving test, went out for a meal with your family, or whenever you got your pet animal…) well a bad moment means that you must try to challenge yourself to think about the good times rather than reinforcing the bad, negative, times.
Create a physical list
Having a physical page in front of you helps you think and reinforce the happier times. Sometimes it is easy to get caught in a rut and ponder on sad moments but a physical list could help you think about happier times. Favourite questions can be effective for creating your own list.
What is your favourite joke? What is your favourite song? What is your favourite quote? Do you have a verbal saying?

Sad times allow you to really enjoy happy times

It is also important to note that having a bad day, or a negative experience, allows you to really appreciate things when they are going well. Bad moments happen to everyone but not everyone can pull themselves out of them as quick as other people can. The purpose of this post is to try build up some techniques to make a negative experience as short as possible.

This post is directly related to What can I do whenever I have a bad day? and life goes on despite your problems.


2 thoughts on “Bad moments

  1. You must use the experience as a Character building experience. In Life, there will be many more and much worse experiences that will truly test your mettle. Accidents; Loss of a Loved One; War; Unexpected Loss of somebody close to you , perhaps by a criminal act, suddenly. Anything outside of a loss of life, utilize it, as a Strengthener. I am currently packing, as my home was destroyed by a flood and was in icy cold saltwater up to my waist for three days. I am not special, people previous to myself have survived worse. I have also been through war, and that helpless feeling to watch people die. You must think of all of the experiences in your Life below loss of life as quickening or tempering the steel of a sword. I have always placed the needs of others before my own needs. Why? Because I understand that I am stronger and I do not complain. I offer kind and thoughtful words, always seeking Wisdom somewhere within any circumstance. Always keep your Faith in the Almighty, and understand that you, are the child of a survivor. Something was survived. Economic bad times, war, famine, something. Their parents, survived something, and so on, going back in time, generation upon generation. Survivors. Courage is not bravado, it is being afraid but doing what must be done, despite the fear. How does one build courage? It is developed within one’s self, based on a multitude of lesser events, often as failure or bad moments. It develops inner strength. Never complain, there’s plenty of that to go around by weaker persons unable to cope. You may lament, but do so, with a measure of strength and leave it with an upbeat note, or a “Chin Up” summation. If you do not accept Life’s bad moments, you will never develop Character sufficient to truly understand and enjoy Life’s good moments that lie ahead of you. I leave you younger ones with these thoughts, and wish you all, Good Luck, Good Health, and a Million Good Things.

    • I really appreciate you allowing me, and others, to learn from your life experience. It sounds like you have developed a lot of courage and strength through “bad moments” and you are right — bad times enable people to develop inner strength(s). To more strength, good health and luck. Gerald.

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