People watching at the airport

A few weeks ago I went home for a long weekend and on my return I noticed that everything we do is different.

Why are people different?

Monitoring flight times
Some people stand really close to the screen to see if their flight is on time. Others will glance over at a distance. Does this prove that our eye sight alone is very different?
Gaps in the queue
Queuing is an unwritten rule but making the queue reveals that we are very different. Some people will not move as soon as the gap becomes wider from the person in front whereas others close this gap as quickly as possible.
Ready for departure
Have you ever noticed that once a plane is ready for boarding a lot of people will run to the departure gate right away? Other people may take a few minutes to make their move. Even fewer people will wait to the last minute, so much so, they need to be called over the intercom system by surname.

People are different

A simple trip to the airport can clearly show how different we are. The airport, arguably, is a place in which we all do the exact same thing but it is also a place in which we act very differently.

We are all so different because we are individuals. Each human being, you and I, are different because we are a unique human being, with our very own genetic DNA, and our thoughts, feelings and reactions are different because of being a unique human.


Life experience


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