Is it ok to be uncool?

Whenever I was growing up everything seemed to revolve around being cool, for example, having the latest DVD or getting a Mini Disk Player (yes it was several years ago). But now as an adult I really embrace being me, sometimes, arguably, this is uncool because of a lack of influence.

Why is being different a good thing?

As an adult being an individual seems to be more important than being like most other people. Part of this viewpoint might be because adults make individual choices which reflect their interests — themselves. Take the environment you are reading this blog post as an example. Are you reading it in your own home (rented or owned)? Are you in your parents house? Your friends? Regardless of where you are that place is very unique. No one else on this planet will have the exact same things as you. The pictures, choice of carpet/wooden floor, gadgets (or lack of), right down to the choice of where this property is on this planet (is it in a street? At a corner? In a rural area?).

The point I am trying to make is that as adults we do things to suit ourselves. An adult is unlikely to buy a house they dislike. Being different or being uncool is very important because if we were not different we would all have the same house.

Photo of Lady GaGa's unique dresses.

Photo of Lady GaGa’s unique dresses.

Is Lady GaGa cool or uncool?

Almost everyone on this amazing planet will know who Lady GaGa is. No matter what we think of Lady GaGa, as being cool or uncool, one things is certain — she embraces being unique. Be yourself too. Being you is cool.


  1. Life experience

11 thoughts on “Is it ok to be uncool?

  1. The younger people of today must first THINK, and define their priorities, as to what, in their individual lives, are they striving for. Is it running with the herd? Being suave? What exactly, matters in one’s life. Are you living for today, or tomorrow? Have you foresight into the long term effects of being cool, not only now but in a generation from now? Consider that being cool, is also being self-sufficient. Some very cool people, do things, not as it is done today, but as it was done many years ago. To some, being cool, is superficial, while to others, being cool is earthy and deep.
    I have been riding Harley-Davidsons since 1969. I sold my most recent bike some time before the flood that accompanied Super Storm Sandy (29 Oct 2012), quite thankfully or it would have been lost as my son lost two bikes. There is a story behind this. In 1969, here in the US, comic books would advertise Harley-Davidsons for sale for $50.00 (USD). A friend gambled and bought one that was delivered in seven boxes of mixed parts. I assembled the parts and did necessary repairing and machine work in high school shops. We had no money back then and $2.00 (USD) would have to last a week, in a student’s pocket. Mixed colors of silver fuel tank, a red front fender, a blue rear fender. So, flat black spray paint over everything and hope that by the next year, enough money could be saved for a real automotive paint job. That’s why all of the motorcycles were painted black, and torn leather jackets became vests. Today, everyone runs around like that, so I wear perhaps a sleeveless T-shirt, maybe low cut boots or shoes in brown leather (I am very fond of muted earth tones). I’m different and thus considered as somewhat cool. I also build showbikes. I look for forgotten classic colors and do not use flames or skulls, as I want everyone to enjoy looking at the machine and not the trinkets. A few times, I happen to ride past high schools or clubs where young people are. Always the same results. The same as in 1969. Everyone is impressed. People want to know how I build the chrome sled. Simple. I work hard, save where I can any bits of money by being frugal. I do not really socialize and retire early each evening as I must work early, so no pubs or sporting events. Save money by simple cooking. Keep utility bills low. Read books. All, very “un-cool”. The result is, a Harley-Davidson with $32,000.00 (USD) worth of chrome and custom work, much internal to the engine and transmission. I ride easy. I shift gears softy. I practice low speed drills. Then the never ending polishing. Sweat. Saving for another piece of necessary work for the bike. Washing and scrubbing double-white wall tires. Routine maintenance.
    At times, being cool, is a lot of self-sacrificing and a lot of work, but people only see the gleaming machine, and dream of how cool, it is to have one. Your great grand parents were much cooler than I could ever hope to be. All of you, one way or another, are children of cool people. Think, SUBSTANCE. Family, friends, simple pleasures. That, is really being cool.

    • I really enjoy reading your comments, Brittius. I’ve learnt that learning from life experience is very important to shape us as individuals.
      Personally speaking I haven’t ever got on a motorbike, lacking some relevant experience, but I can see that they are a real hobby to many people. Custom made motorbikes to me seem even more cool and unique — even though each one has a different story to tell.
      Yes, we all “are children of cool people”.
      Keep being cool by doing the things you do so well.
      Hear from you soon.

      • Just remember, motorbikes, are like baking bread. Expect to be burned by the oven every now and then. You must be careful as if you ride, periodically, you will go down. {I will not go into my 18 airborne (parachute) jumps. :D}

  2. I’ve never really ffelt the urge to have the same stuff as the cool kids – it was more like acting the same way, dressing similarly and so on. More the image you created by your actionds and behaviour than have the exact same things. But maybe that’s because however cool I wanted to be, I never wanted to spend that much money on it :).
    Later on I didn’t want to fit in the mainstream anymore. I still don’t really want that. I want to fit in, but not to any prize. Being unique is way more important. Perhaps because being unique is cool though… ;)

  3. Very glad to see this particular post ongoing, Gerald (and other readers). In my opinion, this is the perfect site to ask a question of all the young people. With Gerald’s permission, I present this question.

    Question: What is it, that brings you Comfort?

      • Thank you, lad. As it is the noon hour in the UK, perhaps thought may be given to the question. Here across the pond, I am awake since 04:00am (R-time zone/East Coast of USA), and already 83 degrees Fahrenheit. Will be leaving shortly to take my older grand daughter for swimming lessons. Being with any of my four grand children, brings me comfort. Where I am in life today, all of you shall be, tomorrow. Therefore give thought, to what little and unrecognized thing(s), that bring you, comfort.

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