Is the world an amazing place?

There are lots of words to sum up our planet but amazing might be one of the ultimate words.

Look and listen

Breaking something down to its components allows us to see something for how it really is. How can you break something down? The answer is quite simple. Look at wildlife animals, look at their coat or eyes…. Animals are born from all over the world but all their features are simply amazing. For the most part they are perfect.

  • Look up at the sky. The clouds you see will never be the exact same again. When you look at them they’ll move. This is an amazing component of the world.
  • Ask anyone a question. They’ll have an opinion or thought on something. Everyone on this world is amazing because they come from a different family.
  • The ocean takes up approximately 70% of earth so does the human body.
Photo of clouds in the sky.

Photo of clouds in the sky. Source.

Whatever you do enjoy this amazing planet.


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