Stereotypes: Why do we judge and assume?

This post has been inspired by the news of Cory Monteith’s death. For those who do not watch Glee, including me, Monteith played a leading role and was addicted to drugs. He recently died by misusing drugs.

Think about a drug user

If someone asked you three months’ ago, randomly, on a street “what does a drug user look like?” it’s unlikely you would have said Cory Monteith. Why? Because we all have stereotypes in our heads. Monteith did not wear shabby clothes, live on the street or in a state funded house. It is, arguably, normal for us to have stereotypes images of what a whole diverse group of people look like. It is not always right to hold this view since we are being judgemental.

Photo showing different friends.

Photo showing different friends.

Stereotypes and being judgemental

It is easy, and I have also been like this, to sit back and have a stereotype in your head. We are all different and each and every one of us has a unique story to tell. Judging people is not only wrong to the person you are judging but it is a negative reflection on you. Take every person at face value. How can you begin to think like this?

Think. Next time you’re on a bus, or looking at the person next to you in a car, reassure yourself that they could be anyone. A millionaire, a great dad…

Never assume. Find out then make a judgement. Reduce judging people each day.

Posted by Gerald Murphy


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