Be kind — smile

Reminders can sometimes be useful. Smiling is powerful but doing it more often helps you and other people.

Should I smile more often?

The short answer is yes. Smiling:

  • Enhances attractiveness
  • Improves our mood
  • Is contagious
  • Helps you stay positive

Smiling more often helps everybody. Next time you’re in a store or on a bus, for example, smile at a random stranger. Smiling is one of the easiest random acts of kindness human beings can do.

Photo of smiling faces

Photo of smiling faces.


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4 thoughts on “Be kind — smile

  1. Exactly right. A smile can make someone’s day, and a few kind words can make a huge difference. I think you are a genuinely kind hearted and nice person though! You don’t just write the words, you mean them, which is lovely.
    Jane x

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