Does our perspective change?

Perspective is defined as:
A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.

As I continue to look for the perfect job, which annoyingly involves time and even having to decline opportunities, a younger me would have always said “a job is a job”. You know, you simply work and get on with it. At this age, and having done extremely well at university, I now realise that perspective changes. We look at things differently as we grow in maturity.

Why do we see things differently?

Short answers as to why we see things differently is almost impossible. There are loads of factors as to why we see things differently. The main ones, though, include:

  • Relevancy. Things simply become different because they are no longer as relevant as they once were. Money and age, for example, can easily change relevancy.
  • Life itself changes perspective. As we walk through life we see things in a different light. This is due to life experience.
  • Our inner child changes perspectives too. Compared to who we are now our “younger you” seen things completely differently. Go back to one of your childhood places, for instance, to see that your older self will pick up on different things. Perhaps the same place looks much smaller than it really seemed before?
Photo of two heads making a vase shape.

Do you see two heads or a vase? Perspective influences what you can and cannot see. Source.

Perspective changes because it is apart of life itself. It is one of life’s mysteries. No matter what way you see your life as being right now, or how it once was in the past, enjoy it. Soak it all up. Live your life.


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  2. Life experience.

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4 thoughts on “Does our perspective change?

  1. Good luck in your search for the perfect job Gerald! Perspective changes for many reasons, age and maturity, even love can change your perspective on things. I wish I could revisit my 18 year old self, and give the girl that I was then the benefit of the life lessons I have learned along the way!
    Jane x

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