Be grateful — live and enjoy life

By looking at our 5 senses this post explores how we take things for granted.

What things do we take for granted?

We wake up everyday and, most of us, can open our eyes and see our world. Are you actually thankful for your eyes? Look after them. Feed them great wholefoods and go to the opticians.
Right now you can touch your screen or keyboard. Are you actually thankful that you can touch and feel things? Look after your skin. Reward your wonderful body with great food. Remember to also “touch” other people — especially those who mean the most to you. Mix all these senses up to do this.
Have you ever went into a house and smelt dinner? Be thankful you can smell and experience this amazing sensation. Some people do not even have food to cook let alone smell.
Sometimes we can taste things in our environment, for example gas, and some things are more prominent for taste, such as, food. Be thankful you can actually taste things.
People who are completely deaf cannot call their friends up on a mobile. Be thankful you can hear. Don’t blast your music up too loud every single time. Look after your ears.

Some people are born with a lack of senses or are missing some, for instance blind persons, which means they do not have all 5 senses. As a little bit of added knowledge, blind people do not “see” black things, they simply cannot see anything so their lack of vision is not black because they cannot see black in the first place.

Photo of a plaque saying: “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for”. Source.

Start being grateful. What are you grateful for? Write these down. Live these things out — live life. Don’t let bad days get you down, or bad periods — for that matter.

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  1. Russell, H. (no date) How to Start a Gratitude Practice to Change Your Life.

6 thoughts on “Be grateful — live and enjoy life

  1. A very thoughtful post. We should always be grateful for the things in are life that make us happy, whether that’s the big things like our family and friends, or the little things, like the first cup of tea in the morning. Today I’m grateful for being back in my lovely house by the sea, and for the last of the summer’s fragrant sweet peas, picked from my garden this morning.
    Jane x

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