Birthdays: A different outlook

Birthdays happen once a year for most species on this planet. Some species, for example dogs, grow much quicker than others so one year can see longer (7 years).

Purpose of birthdays

Birthdays, ultimately, mark your presence on earth: On your birthday you celebrate another year on this amazing planet.

Depending upon what culture you are brought up in different ages may have different weight placed on them. In the western culture 18, 21 and 50 are bigger birthdays. Some religions reasons also place different weight on birthdays, for instance, the Jewish bar mitzvah for 13th and 12th birthdays for boys and girls, respectively.

Other cultures, for example those in a tribe within a rainforest, do not even know their age, mainly, because births are not recorded. So birthdays are not everything to everyone. Birthdays are also not always cracked up to what to all the hype they are.

What do people do on their birthday?

It depends, really. Some people:

  • have parties in their home or rent a room out
  • have a quiet night to themselves
  • delay birthdays to a later or earlier date to allow more people to celebrate it, for instance, a birthday on a Wednesday may be celebrated on a Saturday because their culture relaxes at the weekend
  • go away on holiday with other people, usually family and friends, or alone
  • go for dinner
  • spend it with strangers, by spending time volunteering in a nearby charity, for example

This list could go on and on. But I’d like to add to it. What do you do on your birthday? Please comment below and I’ll add it.

Birthdays and the wonderful you

As an individual you are so unique. No one else on this planet has the exact same DNA as you. You are completely different from everyone else. Whatever you do on your birthday take the time to relate to this paragraph. Celebrate your wonderful life because on your birthday you were born X amount of years’ ago. Live and love your life all the time and especially think about this on YOUR birthday (we’ll forget about the millions of other people who celebrate it too).


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6 thoughts on “Birthdays: A different outlook

  1. I always take time off work when its my birthday. And go somewhere nice, whether that’s a cottage in Scotland, or a little hotel in Italy, or walking in the French Alps. It’s just nice to do something different. My birthday is at the beginning of April, so it always feels like Spring is on it’s way, with the whole of summer to look forward to! So Gerald, what do you do for your birthday?
    Jane x

    • Very adventurous birthday’s janeykate. Thanks for sharing them on here.
      I love to spend them with my family (and later with friends). This usually means going out for dinner but for my last birthday, September, I cooked at home for everyone.

      • Isn’t cooking at home for the people you love just the nicest thing to do! So Virgo or Libra? I kind of think Virgo, as you seem to have lots of the typical personality traits. Most men I know think star sign stuff is rubbish though, so I may well be wrong!
        Jane xx

      • You would be right — I’m Virgo :) Scary! I don’t really pay a lot of attention to star sign stuff but if it comes up I willingly listen. Perhaps I’m not like most men though haha. Last year I leant about Chinese symbols. Do you read them too? What are you?
        Remember janeykate if you think positive, positive things happen.
        PS I really appreciate you commenting and liking the content on here. Really gets to the heart of blogging :-P

      • Hey Gerald, It’s my pleasure! One of the nice things about wordpress is that you get to meet lovely people who you maybe wouldn’t come across in your everday life!
        I’m interested in (without taking it all too seriously!) all forms of astrology. In terms of the Chinese zodiac I’m a goat. Some of the personality traits are spot on, like I love to read. Some a little less accurate as I like to lead rather than be part of a group, so typical Aries then :-)
        You are right about being positive, in general I know that if I want something enough, then I can make it happen by being positive and focussing on achieving my goal. I think it’s easy to underestimate the power of positive thinking!
        And your Chinese zodiac sign would be?
        Jane x

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