Why do manners matter?

Most of the world’s children are brought up with basic manners, for example, saying: please, thank you, goodbye….

Manners: Back to basics

Personally speaking it is always good to get a gentle reminder about manners and making use of them regularly. My grand-parents used to be remind me of manners regularly. Not because I didn’t use them but to make sure I used them often and to everyone.

It’s nice to be nice.

Smiling alongside manners are very powerful people’s skills. They provide a really warm combination of niceness. Smile and use manners on a daily basis.

Mean what you say

Sincerity is appreciated by everyone. If you mean what you say, then what you say becomes even more powerful. Next time you say “thank you” think about it and then say “thank you” — you will mean what you say.

Tone of voice

Did you know that the tone of your voice can change the message of what you are saying. Come here, for example, can have different meanings depending upon what words you emphasis. Make sure you don’t over emphasis because this has a negative tone.

These simple gestures reflect this short post. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to do these things so no one has an excuse not to do / use them.

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2 thoughts on “Why do manners matter?

  1. Manners are beyond important. So nice to see this subject touched on by a male!

    Being born and raised in the South, we (pretty much) kick you out if you do not reply with a ‘mam or sir at the end of your answer.

    Loving your blog!

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