Can you get time back?

The short answer is no. Time is precious.

Life isn’t a rehearsal

My aunt said that life is not a rehearsal during a conversation a few months’ ago. As soon as she said it it stuck with me. What can we learn from it?

Cease the moment
You cannot relive a moment in time. You simply cannot slow down or go back in time. So enjoy each and every moment of your time.
Reliving a moment
Even if you do the same things in order to try to repeat a day or evening you cannot relive or recreate a moment. Time is all about the here and now. Right now, you are spending your time reading this blog post. Hopefully it is useful? You cannot rewind and erase this post out of your short-term memory.
Spending time with others
Get to know the people in your life. Spend time with them. What is their favourite hobby? Do they like to drink alcohol?

Knowing just how precious time is allows each and every one of us to really appreciate the here and now. Do things you enjoy. This isn’t selfish. But remember to also make an effort with other people in your life. You cannot get time back. Do it. Enjoy doing it too.

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8 thoughts on “Can you get time back?

  1. This is a very timely reminder for me that you should make the most of every day. I’m having an acute bout of homesickness (is that even a word?), and therefore not enjoying what should be an amazing experience of living in another country. You are right, we should all find the good stuff in every day, no matter what our circumstances! So, I’m going to stop whining, learn from your positive attitude, and take myself off to the beach!
    Jane x

    • Absolutely delighted you got something out of this post, janeykate. Where, if you don’t mind posting it, are you staying or what continent is it? Homesickness is not the best feeling in the world but seeing the world is a fantastic experience. Try to overcome your feelings to live in each and every moment in a foreign country.
      Good luck,
      Gerald :)

      • Of course I don’t mind saying where I’m living Gerald. I’m living in Bermuda, which most people think is in the Bahamas (including me before I came here!). But actually the nearest place is North Carolina in America, about 650 miles away. It’s a very small island in the middle of the sea basically! 24 miles long, by 1 mile wide. Very beautiful, with gorgeous beaches and sea views from just about everywhere.

        I think I was just having one of those days earlier, where home and everything familiar seems very far away. I always get something out of your posts, if you could take your positive attitude and bottle it, I’m sure you could make your fortune :-)
        Jane x

      • Bermuda sounds beautiful. In life you only get one life but you get multiple journeys through life experiences. Enjoy your life experience because they make up who you are in life. You will get to meet people you would have otherwise not known, for example. You’ll be home again but with another journey added to your life story.
        Enjoy and keep smiling.
        PS thanks a lot for your feedback. It really means a lot and keeps me going as an active blogger :)

      • That’s very true Gerald, I have met some lovely people here. And also through blogging, I’ve got to meet some lovely people who I otherwise would not have met, yourself included. Keep blogging and I will keep reading :-)
        Jane x

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