An objective post about life

By reading this post you are living. You breath. You bink. Your heart beats. You have a fantastic day. You go through rough patches. But what is life all about?

The meaning of life

Wikipedia have some excellent views that outline what the meaning of life might be. Some of them include:

  • To chase dreams. To live one’s dream.
  • To survive. To live as long as possible.
  • To seek wisdom and knowledge, for example, to learn as many things as possible.
  • To do good, such as, getting equality or being generous.

Regardless of what your meaning of life actually is living it to its full is very important. You will only live once. You cannot go back and redo something. There is no rewind button. Equally so, there is no fast forward button. Is the meaning of life to simply live?

Pedals of a plant dying and remaining alive.

Parts of a plant dead and alive. Source: Leonard John Matthews.

The human body

Our body is made up of approximately 70% water so is our amazing planet. We have simply one of the greatest instruments in the world. Our brain allows us to learn and communicate with one another whilst our body allows us to move from place-a to place-b. Use whatever body you have to its fullest. Learn, communicate and experience things in life.

There are always people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Bad days happen to everyone. But it’s at times like these whenever we need to think about the bigger picture. Our bad day is simply someone else’s good day. Be thankful for the things you have in your life. If everyone on this amazing planet lived their life as if it was going to be their last it would be a life well lived.

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6 thoughts on “An objective post about life

  1. Sometimes the dreams you chase do come true, and miracles can happen , when you least expect them to, when you have given up hope. Mine just did. So you should never stop believing.
    Jane x

  2. Life is a Struggle, to bring out the very best in a person.
    The same way that grapes struggle on the vine and not watered; The same way where if a person chokes a carrot with their hands, there is nothing, but in a juicing machine, the same carrot yields its best.
    My tenets of Life are:
    Assign each term to your fingers and with your thumb, say:

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