Is global warming made up?

Large companies are behind global warming; hence the increase of environmentally or ‘eco’ friendly stuff. This post analyses whether or not global warming exists or whether or not global warming is made up.

Global warming: Objective analysis

Rising air and sea temperatures means the Artic ice caps are getting smaller. However in the Antartica, ice is scattered due to wind and sea waves causing ice caps to grow and expand — ice caps are getting bigger.

Climate changes are taking place in the northern hemisphere, for example, Russia and Canada (in Europe and Western Alaska this is at a lesser extent). Certain regions are seeing climate changes but this does not mean global warming does exist. Climates, ever since we have recorded them, have always changed. The reports are trends and nothing else — there is no such thing as global warming.

A thorough study does state that human beings are causing some of the observed warming and cooling. Global warming as a concept is not wrong because humans are destroying the environment, which, alongside the shrinking and expanding ice caps, partly explains why temperature variations occur in the first instance. We need to take action.


Mindmap of global warming. Copyright of StaticFlickr.

Human error?

The Antarctic sea has, over the last 35 years, expanded to an all new record high. Global warming is not really global since the whole globe is not heating up.

But have some places been reported to be at a record high? Yes. But these reports do not report that other places have been at their record low. In other words as 1 place heats up, another cools down. Weather changes are simply trends.

Look into this yourself. Most of my references, see below, are authoritative but after a quick search engine search please be a little cautious of media organisations and other money driven and influential industries because their ‘facts’ are not usually objective.

Whilst this post shows that global warming is made up there are some unknown questions, at least for now, they include:

  • Does global warming cause cooling too?
  • Should [global warming] be accurately renamed to [specific geo warming]?
  • When we run out of oil will mother nature have any consequences? I.e. are humans wrecking the plant which causes temperature fluctuation?
  • Our understanding of climates has really only started, as well as, the bigger environment itself.
  • When it comes to vector-borne disease our climate is 1 factor for spreading diseases. Do weather trends influence other things, such as, cancer?

In preparing this post I also watched a bit of David Attenborough’s documentary on global warming. He, unfortunately, claimed that global warming was real but he failed to note that ice caps are getting bigger, or, at least within the first 20 minutes. I was surprised the BBC and Attenborough himself did not carry out a full analysis before broadcasting the documentary. Watch media organisation’s with caution. They don’t always get it right.

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