It’s time to decrease sugar

For centuries sugar has been linked to dental decay. More recently there has been more research into sugar and the outcome is not great. Let’s analyse why sugar is bad for you.

Sugar and health

Sugar is actually good for those who require quick energy, for example, cyclists or marathon runners. Sugar is used by the body to make energy. Access sugar is likely to cause fat: Sugar makes people fat.

In the human body sugar is converted into glucose which is transported all over the body, literally in every cell, through the bloodstream. Eating too much sugar causes a constant sugar spike and this can be bad for your organs.

Nutritionally sugar is, for the most part, just sugar. There is no fibre or other minerals in sugar. Sugar should only be used by those who will use it up quickly.

Recently scientists have discovered that sugar contributes to: diabetes; heart problems (cardiovascular); alzheimer’s disease; and obesity. Sugar is bad for your body because it just makes more glucose floating around you blood unnecessarily.

Alzheimer’s disease

After I lost a family member to dementia, a part of the alzheimer’s umbrella, I started to look into what causes you to lose memory. The complexity of the brain is simply not understood and, therefore, the exact cause and treatment of alzheimer’s is unknown. Recently scientists have started to link memory problems with the western diet: Sugar is a large component of a western diet alongside read meat and bad fats.


Sugar. Copyright from Wikipedia.

Tips for reducing sugar levels

  • The first simple step is to become more active. The more exercise you do the quicker your glucose levels will reduce.
  • Another simple sugar reducing method is simply standing for a few hours a day, say, 3 hours. Standing requires energy which reduces blood glucose levels.
  • Cut out direct sugar, for example, chocolate and the sugar tub that sits on your kitchen worktop or cupboard.
  • If you have a sweet tooth start to switch sweets with fruits. This is still sugar but there is other nutritional value in sweet fruits which is good for the body.
  • If you bake and you need sugar use coconut sugar instead of “normal” sugar. I have tried this and coconut sugar tastes lovely. In a nutshell coconut sugar is the lowest sugar in terms of glycemic index. This means that coconut sugar does not cause a rapid spike of sugar in the blood and is released slowly in the body.

Once you start to reduce your sugar intake take this a further step forward by, for example, choosing low sugar fruits, such as, kiwi and blackberries over high sugar fruits, for instance, the tropical family (pineapples etc).

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4 thoughts on “It’s time to decrease sugar

  1. Alcohol beverages are packed with sugars. I suspect that people having issue with alcohol consumption, actually have an addiction craving for sugars. Similarities over the years watching people that had common cravings, where a heroin addict will always ask for sweets, and many years ago as a cop, I would purchase from my pocket, sweets for those I arrested to avoid them beginning to get sick. Many drunk drivers, and people that were known alcoholics and arrested for crimes of assault or other, would too, go into very strong urges for sugar.
    I was not given much sugar while growing up, it was supposed to be a treat. To me, sugar has a nasty chemical-like taste. Fruits and produce, have natural sugars and taste much better.

    • What an excellent point my dear friend, Brittius. I am so sorry for the delayed response. I’ve relocated over to London, UK, as a digital marketer. This past few weeks has been extremely busy — annoying that I can’t blog, but will get back on to this ASAP. Are you on Twitter?

      • London? Nice. Just be careful and keep your wits about you. Cameras are one thing, knowing what is going on around you, and who is around you, is safe.
        Of course, I would be all over the tobacconists, and a pub (or two).
        No, I am not on the Twitter, as I am computer illiterate and a pencil or fountain pen, is my idea of proper communication. A digital marketer. I could never do that job. I always said, if it doesn’t have a trigger or a clutch, I have no business monkeying with it.
        Cheers, Lad!

      • Haha — thanks Brittius. Comments make blogging even better.
        Just in case I looked up insurance for my mobile etc. I’m getting more street wise by the day.
        Cheers man. Gerald

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