Starting a new chapter

We all have a book on life. You know, the one where you live and save memories too? At the moment in my life I have relocated over to London, UK, to begin a digital marketing career. It’s exciting right now but very busy hence my lack of blogging over the last load of weeks.

I sincerely hope everyone reading this is doing really well and writing their book life too. Are you?

Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll schedule in some blogging time.


2 thoughts on “Starting a new chapter

  1. Hi Gerald,
    Congratulations on the new job!!!! So happy for you. :)
    I’m also starting a new chapter called Job Search. Maybe you have tips?
    I graduated in December and passed my registration exam to be a dietitian last week. Now I am mainly looking for worksite wellness and health writing jobs, but am definitely open to discussing other options.
    Hoping that you and your family get settled to the new place quickly.

    • Hi Shelly. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment — much appreciated.
      So you’re starting the job search. Tip number one, don’t give up. You’ll get a knock back but, hey, these things happen. Ringing people, from my experience, actually helped me get my name and CV out there — not forgetting the passion. Definitely ring up a few worksite-based companies. Give it a go.
      I took the big leap over the London on my todd. So settling in much quickly and adapting well.
      Stay in touch and please let me know how you get on.

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