5 months on: London, UK

So just under 5 months ago I took the leap over to London in order to get my career well and truly underway. With lots of hard work, some long hours, strategy and a fantastic social life, life is super. Simply brilliant. Although I am still single it would be great to meet a partner but hey — no rush.

Moving away from home

Personally the move away from home was easy as I left home to attend university and even when I lived at home I was independent. Looking back on my experience so far if you could choose to leave home — do it. You only ever have one life, you must live it and a good way to do that is to leave home to create and restructure your life. It is not about forgetting about your family but it’s about doing what is right for you.

Get to know your family

Everyone reading this does not know what is around the corner. OK, you might be in great health right now but who knows what little scare you or a loved one could get tomorrow. Whatever way you look at it, and if you’re like me very positively, you should get to know your family very well because you never know how much time you all have together. Enjoy and seize every family moment — that’s your time too.

Life is full of wonderful opportunities if you are willing to see them as opportunities. Maybe you have loads of opportunities every day without thinking about them, for instance, grocery shopping is an opportunity to see people you otherwise might not have ever seen, as well as, an opportunity to get fresh food. These opportunities are also privileges. Not everyone on this beautiful planet gets an opportunity like this (this example also includes the corner shop).

Appreciate what you have.

PS it’s fantastic to be back on here blogging. Will try to keep at it again. See you guys around, hopefully.


Life is like a circle

A few weeks’ ago I went out for lunch (yummy) and during lunch I was joking about a few things, which have now become a post, and how life is like a circle and cycle. Let me tell you what they are.

The passenger’s seat in the car
As a child I used to think the car seat looked ‘grown-up’, mature, more comfortable than the back seats. As an adult it’s a seat with a better view of the road, sometimes used to keep an extra pair of eyes on other cars etc.
Going to bed early was like a punishment
As a child I disliked going to bed early. I loved staying up late. As an adult going to bed early is like a treat. It recharges the batteries, allows one to relax, unwind and chill-out ahead of a new day tomorrow.

Childhood wants become adulthood comforts

As a child I always wanted to get into the front seat, no matter where I went. At the time the passenger’s seat was a real luxury seat, it looked more comfortable and adult-like.

As an adult a passenger’s seat is simply a passenger’s seat. There’s nothing special about it. Okay, you get a better view of the road, but that’s not that important if you are not driving.

Life is a full cycle. You do things, see another perspective whenever it comes back round again.


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