Life is like a circle

A few weeks’ ago I went out for lunch (yummy) and during lunch I was joking about a few things, which have now become a post, and how life is like a circle and cycle. Let me tell you what they are.

The passenger’s seat in the car
As a child I used to think the car seat looked ‘grown-up’, mature, more comfortable than the back seats. As an adult it’s a seat with a better view of the road, sometimes used to keep an extra pair of eyes on other cars etc.
Going to bed early was like a punishment
As a child I disliked going to bed early. I loved staying up late. As an adult going to bed early is like a treat. It recharges the batteries, allows one to relax, unwind and chill-out ahead of a new day tomorrow.

Childhood wants become adulthood comforts

As a child I always wanted to get into the front seat, no matter where I went. At the time the passenger’s seat was a real luxury seat, it looked more comfortable and adult-like.

As an adult a passenger’s seat is simply a passenger’s seat. There’s nothing special about it. Okay, you get a better view of the road, but that’s not that important if you are not driving.

Life is a full cycle. You do things, see another perspective whenever it comes back round again.


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