“What’s this blog all about?”

1digitalfingerprint: a blog about life

Anyone who reads this blog should be able to relate to the content. This blog is about life: life’s things, events and other musings.

If I had an aim for this blog it would be: to blog about life, daily life events and interact with other bloggers! I hope you get to follow each post, and relate to the content?! Each post is just like life – very different. I hope it gets you thinking, agreeing, disagreeing, or even better – talking, commenting, liking…

I am friendly, so if you want to know something — just ask

blogging with real issues

Initially my blog started to be thoughts on lots of things, to be honest lots of rushed things! Lately I have decided to use wordpress to blog about life, education, events and a little nerdy ICT/technology stuff along the way. I hope that my digital fingerprint will be useful to you – albeit a differing view on educational techniques to how my culture, and life are completely different from yours!

Enjoy blogging, writing, reading

I really do hope you find some posts useful, or better still like them?! Good luck with your blog, and thanks for dropping by to see my 1digtialfingerprint.

1digitalfingerprint wordpress blog on life

PS, I’ll try to stay away from the nerdy ICT (computing) stuff on here.

8 thoughts on ““What’s this blog all about?”

  1. Sorry it has taken me some time to respond to your “like” of my post about Windows 8 and adding Google as the default search engine, on my site BroodCoffeeTalk.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you produce here…I have several websites I’ve created but are now dormant (but still up), so I can certainly understand the comments you express about blogging on a regular basis.

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