Turn your life around. Think, act and feel.

One of the simplest ways of turning your life around is to think positively. As soon as positive thinking becomes a habit you will start to feel better. How does positive thinking improve your life?

Let yourself off the hook

You do not need to have a mental health encounter to use some of the researched tools: Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) works on the principle that how you feel has a direct affect on how you act and think. In other words if you think positively you will start to feel and act positively too.

There is evidence that ‘faking it til you make it’ works and, in some cases, it actually works quickly. If you want to feel confident then start to reinforce that you are a confident person and start to fake confidence. This tricks your brain into thinking that you are confident and, therefore, you will start to naturally feel confident.

Feel better

All the fakeness does need to be taken at ease. Do not put lots of fake plasters over stuff to make you look and feel better. If something keeps going over and over in your mind do some good old talking and talk about your thoughts with someone, for example, a close friend or a family member. Sometimes a stranger can be good so look up some local charities and see what they have to offer.

You can change your life by turning your thoughts, actions and feelings around. The advantage with this model is that each directly effects the other. If you are putting on weight, for instance, you can start eating more wholefoods (the action bit) which will make you lose weight. Once you shed a few pounds you will start to look better: Self attractiveness makes you feel and think great. Best of all you can turn your life around simply by choosing 1 of the 3 components.

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North Korea: What, who and why?

North Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and South Korea used to be one country before 1910 — Korea. Whenever World War II ended Japan overtook Korea. Japan left Korea soon after. Russia’s Soviet Union took over the north whilst USA took over the south. This is how North Korea, as we know it today, became to exist: North Korea is a communist country.

North Korea or DPRK

North Korea is run by the Kim family. The current leader is Kim Jon-un who is also one of the world’s youngest leaders. Before he ruled his father and his grand-father ruled the communist state. The country prides itself on its “military first” policy whereby the country exists because of the army, Korean People’s Army, and vice versa. Korean People’s Army is the 4th largest army, by the number of active military personnel, in the world next to China, America and India who are first, second and third, respectively. North Korea’s large army keeps invasion at bay, however, they could be invaded if they strike other countries with air missiles, for example.

What are people in North Korea allowed to do?

A lot of things we take for granted in western culture cannot be done in North Korea. Protesting or deciding to move to another country, for instance, are forbidden in North Korea. Even going on the Internet is not allowed, expect to a small number of hand-picked individuals who also rank high by the communist government, but North Koreans do have access to computers and an intranet, a closed internet in which selected materials are selected an uploaded.

More recently smartphones have been smuggled into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which means people close to the South Korean boarder can pick up an internet signal. This is beginning to stop people from being brain washed.

North Korean’s who try to escape to another country are severely punished if found. Prison camps are heavily used to reinforce the “great government”.

Change and North Korea

Only recently the government have decided to provide for its people, for instance, allowing farmers to keep bigger cuts of their profit to feed their own family. In many regards North Korea is starting to change slowly.

Tourists can visit North Korea, with rumours that it will be possible to visit North Korea from European cities, but they must be accompanied by hand-picked guards most of the time. Exceptions to this include being in one’s own hotel room. There are also rumours that your hotel room may be bugged but this is not completely clear.

Free speech and propaganda

No North Korean has free speech. The government must look good at all times, as such, media and newspapers, for example, are all state run allowing North Korea’s government to look good in their selected news stories — propaganda.

Each of the 3 North Korean leaders are portrayed to have supernatural powers. Photographs are all edited to further enhance this.

North Korean school children learn a short story called “the story of the returned boots“. This story was created to begin to brain wash children into thinking that their great leader, an official term, is special and dear to their hearts. The story of the returned boots, in a nutshell, is all about Kim Jon-un playing with his friends in the snowy winter. He ran out of the house with soft wellyboots on and he began to notice his friends had wet trainers and, therefore, feet. Once he realised this he ran home to put non-waterproof trainers on so his feet could get wet too — the story of the returned boots. This indirectly states to the North Korean children that their leader is dear and kind. However the amount of people who die each year through starvation is not mentioned.

This is only an introduction to North Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but I hope you get the idea that North Korea is a unique country. This is my main reason as to why I follow North Korean news daily. Within the near future I hope to travel to this “hermit kingdom” for the first time — no ordinary holiday at all. North Korea simply fascinates me.

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An objective post about life

By reading this post you are living. You breath. You bink. Your heart beats. You have a fantastic day. You go through rough patches. But what is life all about?

The meaning of life

Wikipedia have some excellent views that outline what the meaning of life might be. Some of them include:

  • To chase dreams. To live one’s dream.
  • To survive. To live as long as possible.
  • To seek wisdom and knowledge, for example, to learn as many things as possible.
  • To do good, such as, getting equality or being generous.

Regardless of what your meaning of life actually is living it to its full is very important. You will only live once. You cannot go back and redo something. There is no rewind button. Equally so, there is no fast forward button. Is the meaning of life to simply live?

Pedals of a plant dying and remaining alive.

Parts of a plant dead and alive. Source: Leonard John Matthews.

The human body

Our body is made up of approximately 70% water so is our amazing planet. We have simply one of the greatest instruments in the world. Our brain allows us to learn and communicate with one another whilst our body allows us to move from place-a to place-b. Use whatever body you have to its fullest. Learn, communicate and experience things in life.

There are always people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Bad days happen to everyone. But it’s at times like these whenever we need to think about the bigger picture. Our bad day is simply someone else’s good day. Be thankful for the things you have in your life. If everyone on this amazing planet lived their life as if it was going to be their last it would be a life well lived.

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3 things you should do to live life fully

Smile first thing in the morning and last thing at night
Smiling is very powerful because it can help out in times of stress or tension [1], but smiling can also make us look attractive and improve our overall mood [2].
Does this show that being a smiley person helps us and others? Is smiling the secret to a happy self, family, country and world?
There are times whenever a smile would be inappropriate and faking too many smiles isn’t good either but smiling more often does help. Be attractive, improve your mood and smile a little more than you normally do.
Eat wholefoods, and lots of them
A healthy diet shows inside and outside. Our body loves wholefoods because they are fully packed of important nutrients and minerals. Wholefoods go hand-in-hand with body repair and growth. Our brain also loves these foods because our mood, concentration, memory and alertness improve with a rich wholefood diet [3].
Does a diet rich wholefood diet keep us fit, slim and generally healthy? Does this make us feel good, allowing us to smile more, naturally?
Reach out. Talk and listen to your friends and family. Maintain relationships through good communication.
Meet new people. Say “hi” and start a conversation with new people. Timing, of course, plays a large part in how and when you should do this but meeting new people means that life itself is more interesting.
Sometimes in life each day isn’t as positive as others, for example, having bad days or experiencing a loss. Life isn’t always plain sailing and easy. Communication at these times can be difficult. If you do find communication hard then listen to music. All types of music. A sad song followed by your favourite upbeat song really helps you to get over this communication blep. When you do get over it reach out again. Stay in touch.

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Can you get time back?

The short answer is no. Time is precious.

Life isn’t a rehearsal

My aunt said that life is not a rehearsal during a conversation a few months’ ago. As soon as she said it it stuck with me. What can we learn from it?

Cease the moment
You cannot relive a moment in time. You simply cannot slow down or go back in time. So enjoy each and every moment of your time.
Reliving a moment
Even if you do the same things in order to try to repeat a day or evening you cannot relive or recreate a moment. Time is all about the here and now. Right now, you are spending your time reading this blog post. Hopefully it is useful? You cannot rewind and erase this post out of your short-term memory.
Spending time with others
Get to know the people in your life. Spend time with them. What is their favourite hobby? Do they like to drink alcohol?

Knowing just how precious time is allows each and every one of us to really appreciate the here and now. Do things you enjoy. This isn’t selfish. But remember to also make an effort with other people in your life. You cannot get time back. Do it. Enjoy doing it too.

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