Bad moments

What can I do to get over a bad moment / time?

We all know that there are ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ to life and some of these downs are difficult to overcome for various reasons. But what can you do to shorten most, not all, of these bad / negative moments?

Think about the last time you had a great feeling
Remember that time you felt great (could be when you passed your driving test, went out for a meal with your family, or whenever you got your pet animal…) well a bad moment means that you must try to challenge yourself to think about the good times rather than reinforcing the bad, negative, times.
Create a physical list
Having a physical page in front of you helps you think and reinforce the happier times. Sometimes it is easy to get caught in a rut and ponder on sad moments but a physical list could help you think about happier times. Favourite questions can be effective for creating your own list.
What is your favourite joke? What is your favourite song? What is your favourite quote? Do you have a verbal saying?

Sad times allow you to really enjoy happy times

It is also important to note that having a bad day, or a negative experience, allows you to really appreciate things when they are going well. Bad moments happen to everyone but not everyone can pull themselves out of them as quick as other people can. The purpose of this post is to try build up some techniques to make a negative experience as short as possible.

This post is directly related to What can I do whenever I have a bad day? and life goes on despite your problems.


What to do whenever you have a bad day

Bad days happen to everyone. There are no exceptions to this: you, your neighbour, your cousin may not suffer from a depressive illness, but they are likely to have suffered from a bad day. A bad day doesn’t mean the end of the world. A bad day can be difficult to control, especially if we get caught up in the moment of deep thought(s). What can you do to make a bad day a bad few hours: what can you do to shorten this normal, yet unwanted experience?

listen to your favourite song
music is a very powerful tool to help us through difficult times. Music can also allow us to really enjoy a good moment — see just how powerful music is? Remember the music: hear it everywhere post, or, music, music, music post?
store your favourite text messages for easy retrieval
Do you ever get a text that makes you smile? Keep it, store it. You can do this by taking a screen shot of a text. Reading that same text can allow you to experience those good feelings, even if you don’t think you can enjoy them.
Look at pictures of you with your family, or friends (or/and your pet animal)
Actually look at the people in your life. You know all of them, I bet you can think of a really memorable moment with each and every one!
Get in touch, stay connected
Text, ring or speak to your friend(s) about normal things. Do not sit by yourself all day, get up and go — get in touch with people.

Bad days happen, they’re a part of life

Just remember that your bad day will not last forever. Your good feelings (such as the great feeling you got from a text message, for example) will be back soon. A bad day does not last forever!

What do you do? What else can you suggest?

Laugher is important

Having a good time feels fantastic, right? In the moment of laughing it is important to soak in every moment. The reason why this is important, is because we are less likely to forget about a moment if we associate more things with it. Let me explain:

Associate to remember

Whenever you are laughing, or smiling, try to take in as much as you can. What does the room smell like? What colour was your friend’s top?

If you can remember these things, you are more likely to retune yourself into that moment. But why would you want to remember a laugh with this level of detail?

Happy moments help us through sad(er) moment(s)

Life itself is not easy: life throws up several obstacles, which can make it seem unfair. But whenever you are having a bad day, or are feeling sad because of what happened recently, try to remember what colour that top was, or what the smell smelt like. Remember this level of detail may help you smile quicker.

Without even researching this topic, I know that laughing binds people together. But I also know that smiling helps whenever you are not feeling great. Smiling, and laughing, becomes the norm once you’re feeling okay. So smile more, laugh more, get binding with other people — you will feel better for it.

Sharing laughs is fun. Smiling can lead to a laugh. It’s a good cycle to get into!

Dear Bad Day

It just takes one day to bring you down, why?

Not you, it’s me

Bad Day, I read the above headline and could not stop thinking that having a bad day is a part of life, living things, and, for most of us, a bad day lets us know what we really have! But why can I not see it like this whenever I meet you, Bad Day?

It is both of us

Bad Day, you do not seem to let me think about exercise whenever you are about. Whenever I meet you, I often forget that a long walk, and maybe a little jog along the way is a good thing to make my bad day a GOOD day. You push the clouds away, far, far away.

I also get extremely annoyed, and I often ponder about the silly things in life whenever you are around, Bad Day. Why can I not remember all my happy songs on my iPod whenever you are around? Why can I not forget that we even met, Bad Day? Wait…I just did writing those two questions. Why?

A typical day

Everyone experiencing life will have a bad day, that includes me, you, the person who is reading this, their best friend, their bloggers…. The list really is endless. But the real reason I forgot about you Bad Day, is because I can, at the moment, think of positive things to do, think etc whenever you are in my life.

Knowing is half the battle

Merely by knowing that you may be there, Bad Day is a little reassuring because I can build myself up quicker, after a bad day, a bad time and a bad anything. I do hope I don’t meet you soon, but if I do, I have a few things up my sleeve:

  • walking
  • talking
  • acknowledging
  • music
  • think of the good times more

So before I press the publish button on this, I hope that my reader(s) will appreciate that they too can get rid of you for a little more.

Yours sincerely,


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Your past helps shape your future

So, a few days ago I looked at the number of assignments I have completed, and the small number I have left. I found that I only have a few pieces of coursework, five exams and in about three months that’ll be the end of Year Two. But I was also thinking that everyone has lots (and lots) of motivation, even when they don’t think they do!

Lots of us experience bad days making us stumble past each day very slowly. Often a really bad day can result in us thinking that the day is longer than it really is: an hour can feel like a day, let alone 60 minutes. However, we seem to wake up the next day thinking that we have a clean sheet of paper. Does this already reveal that a new day can often bring about more positivity?

Acknowledge a bad day

As humans, we all make mistakes, but as human beings we also have the ability to relate some excellent qualities, such as, coupling emotions, physical and verbal skills together – isn’t the body (and mind) amazing?

But what makes a bad day worth while, it to wake up the next morning saying to yourself:

Today is going to be much, much better

The very fact of us recognising that we are not performing to our best is our bodies way of telling us to rest. You could be a student pushing yourself too far, you could also be a Mum doing too much, or you could be someone who constantly keeps pushing boundaries so far each time.

But when did you ever say you accomplished something?

Bad days allow so many things

Having a bad day allows us to express ourselves emotionally to others. Something people do not naturally bring up in normal everyday conversations
Perhaps a bad day, allows us to remind ourselves that we can connect with our emotions – life could be worse
Having a bad day allows us to look forward to tomorrow even more than we were yesterday
Perhaps a bad day, allows us to remember than in life, we get to experience various levels of joy
Having a bad day allows us to keep more motivated than ever before
Perhaps a bad day, allows us to acknowledge that we are much stronger than we initially thought
This includes, emotionally stronger, physically stronger – the list goes on

In all, the next time you have a bad day remind yourself that you can do it, you will do it, and when you have a good day (hopefully the next day) by truly appreciating that life is full of finer things!

Post 59, over and out