Reasons why I consider myself as Northern Irish

Northern Ireland: British or Irish

Strictly speaking anyone from Northern Ireland (NI) are regarded as being British. Depending upon family circumstances you may have dual citizenship to the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain: A person from Northern Ireland may hold a British and an Irish passport. It is important to note that no matter what passport (British or Irish) a person from NI has they are regarded as British citizens in a court in Northern Ireland. Some laws are passed by Stormont (the NI assembly elected by the people of NI) but the majority have been passed by Parliament (thus the UK government) and all of these laws are enforced in any court in NI.

For religious reasons people in Northern Ireland may identify themselves as being either British or Irish. Most of the Protestant population would say they are British while most Catholics would say they were Irish.

I, however, would identify myself as being Northern Irish.

A photo of the fairly new Titanic building. No matter which angle you look at it, it looks like you are looking at the ship.

A photo of the fairly new Titanic building. No matter which angle you look at it, it looks like you are looking at the ship.

Northern Irish: Why?

Religion does not bother me in the slightest. At the end of the day that is your personal belief, not that of others. I try to avoid the topic of religion most times for this reason and only talk about it with close friends and family (if required !).

British people speak like British citizens, unsurprisingly, whereas Irish people speak like people from the Republic of Ireland.

I, however, speak like a person from Northern Ireland: I consider myself as Northern Irish because I do not speak 100% Irish or 100% British.

Northern Irish car registrations

If you buy a car from NI you will have a Northern Irish number plate. Not a British number plate, nor Republic of Ireland. Northern Irish is all over NI.

Belfast bap

There are some things that are only produced in Northern Ireland. The Belfast Bap is one of them. What is a Belfast Bap? It is a piece of soft bread enclosed in a hard crust. They are quite round, almost the size of half a football. Neither British or Republic of Ireland have Belfast baps.

This adds to a cultural reason as to why I call myself Northern Irish.

Do other people from NI identify themselves as Northern Irish?

Yes. The number of people calling themselves Northern Irish is growing. In 2009 27% of people who live in NI said they regard themselves as Northern Irish.

Being Northern Irish is a happy medium so I like to say where I am from, literally. NI so Northern Irish.


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How we see the world

Post 72:

Sky, sea & water

Okay, I am sorry if I seemed to have disappeared lately. I am home (on the beautiful island of Ireland) to spend Easter with my family and friends. But this post is really inspired by the short aeroplane journey to get here!

Simple things

I don’t really have a lot of time to investigate, but I am sure someone once said:

It’s the simple things in life that make the biggest difference

If no one said that, then I’ll happily take credit for that. But what I am trying to get at is that life is full of simple things which we often take for granted. That sometimes includes family and friends. Let me explain better:

  • On the plane I was in the sky for about 45 minutes, but when on earth getting on with my life, I often forget that the sky is there in all its beauty, right above our heads
  • As I was landing in to beautiful Belfast, the fields surrounded the resediential areas – but do we appreciate green things enough?
  • As I was flying over the Isle of Man, I noticed that they too are an island (much, much, much smaller) but yet they are surrounded by lovely calm water too

Appreciate the simple things

After really seeing these simple things (water, fields, blue sky) I really thought that our world is really nice, and it would be even nicer if we appreciated how nice our world actually is. Our sky will continue to change, regardless of what we feel like. The sea can go from one of calm to smashing waves due to the wind. But no matter what happens to these simple things, we don’t really see them as a huge change. Or at least, I didn’t until this post!

Thanks for letting me share some of the many simple things of life in this short and sweet post

Post 72, over and out