Life’s decisions are made all the time.

  • Will I log on to see what’s on WordPress?
  • What will I have for dinner?
  • Will I walk the dog tonight?
  • Will I get up and close the door?

We make decisions all the time. Sometimes we do not even know we are deciding something.

Shall I have white, milk or dark chocolate?

The point I am trying to make is that decisions get easier. The more we make them, the easier they are to make.

Yeah. I’ll have milk chocolate instead.

Practice really does make perfect. The more decisions you make, the easier they become to make — and achieve.

Now I am not saying that all decisions are easy; I wish they were. But the point is that after making a difficult decision, making a similar choice will be easier. Albeit slightly because you will have a little experience of the situation.

*note to self* Maybe this is useful to think about next time a difficult decision needs to made?!


Comment’s inspire bloggers

It only takes one comment

So, my last post was based around the idea of our past, our future and our present selves. I received one great comment about the content, in particular, decisions and decision making. As a result of that comment from Frances’ blog, I would like to post something on decisions and choice.

Same mistake twice – not quite!

So if our past is full of ‘mistakes’ why do we make them again? Simply, we don’t. Whenever we make a mistake the first time, it becomes a choice the second time! Or that’s my theory – let me explain this theory which (I admit), lacks psychology/scientific views.

Like most things in life, it isn’t always that easy – this includes decisions. Sometimes we forget about our mistakes, and, as a result, we make them again. While this is not a typical choice (such as choosing what to wear in the morning), it is a subconscious mistake. Hence, why we can become even more annoyed with ourselves after making the same mistake (or wrong choice) again and again.

Choice & the future

Our choice today doesn’t have to impact badly on our future, but it can still impact in some way, on our future. So hopefully, we all will learn from our mistakes, choices and become better at getting over them as well as making them in the first place!

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