Life’s decisions are made all the time.

  • Will I log on to see what’s on WordPress?
  • What will I have for dinner?
  • Will I walk the dog tonight?
  • Will I get up and close the door?

We make decisions all the time. Sometimes we do not even know we are deciding something.

Shall I have white, milk or dark chocolate?

The point I am trying to make is that decisions get easier. The more we make them, the easier they are to make.

Yeah. I’ll have milk chocolate instead.

Practice really does make perfect. The more decisions you make, the easier they become to make — and achieve.

Now I am not saying that all decisions are easy; I wish they were. But the point is that after making a difficult decision, making a similar choice will be easier. Albeit slightly because you will have a little experience of the situation.

*note to self* Maybe this is useful to think about next time a difficult decision needs to made?!


Still to come…

Sorry about the lack of recent posts these days, I have a lot of uni work going on, at the moment.

What’s coming up?

  • There’s a post on what I think is behind decisions, and how experience helps us make decisions
  • Why it is better to spend money on a bigger range of fruit and vegetables, rather than wasting it on organic fruit and vegetables
  • still thinking, as always, about what else to write and explore

See you all soon. Good luck

Comment’s inspire bloggers

It only takes one comment

So, my last post was based around the idea of our past, our future and our present selves. I received one great comment about the content, in particular, decisions and decision making. As a result of that comment from Frances’ blog, I would like to post something on decisions and choice.

Same mistake twice – not quite!

So if our past is full of ‘mistakes’ why do we make them again? Simply, we don’t. Whenever we make a mistake the first time, it becomes a choice the second time! Or that’s my theory – let me explain this theory which (I admit), lacks psychology/scientific views.

Like most things in life, it isn’t always that easy – this includes decisions. Sometimes we forget about our mistakes, and, as a result, we make them again. While this is not a typical choice (such as choosing what to wear in the morning), it is a subconscious mistake. Hence, why we can become even more annoyed with ourselves after making the same mistake (or wrong choice) again and again.

Choice & the future

Our choice today doesn’t have to impact badly on our future, but it can still impact in some way, on our future. So hopefully, we all will learn from our mistakes, choices and become better at getting over them as well as making them in the first place!

post 76, over and out

Gut feeling

Post 64:

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.
(Benjamin Spock)

Thinking this, that or the other

Everyday we are faced with the (joys) of adulthood – decisions, decision making etc. As a young child I remember thinking (constantly) why my parents always told me that school days were the best days of my life. At the time, getting up early, having to do routine work was more like a dreaded chore rather than an enjoyable experience. Nearly two decades later, I look back thinking that this wise statement was correct and accurate.

Today, I have to make several decisions within a day! Yes, I guess I am lucky to be able to actually make decisions, in fact, I am very grateful for having the ability to decide on what to do in the many decisions of life!

Easy to difficult decisions

Decisions for us adults can be as small as deciding what to wear in the morning. What food to have for dinner. Whether or not to text/call that friend etc. But there are some decisions we are faced with in life which just seem to be impossible to make at the time.

Difficult but not impossible decisions

Touch wood, I haven’t had to make a life or death situation so far in my life, but I have a friend who had to give written consent to turn her Dad’s life support machine off a few years ago. At the time, I remember thinking how difficult that would have been. As an outsider (non blood related friend) this looked impossible to do, let alone consider. But to my surprise she decided (after a few hours of thinking) to let her Dad to be out of his pain by agreeing with the medics in the hospital to turn off his life support machine.

As a friend I was there, ready to listen and support my friend as she made a very difficult decision. I was literally there physically (in person) and emotionally.

In this episode of life, I have learnt that we really can make decisions, often whenever we think we cannot.

Next time…

  • you need to see if you should put a laundry wash on, just do it. The chances are, your gut is telling you it’s right
  • you feel you need to call that person in your mobile phonebook, just do it. The chances are, your gut is telling you it’s right
  • you feel it would be nice to go for a walk, just do it. The chances are, your gut is telling you it’s right
  • you are left with a really difficult decision, have a think to yourself, then just do it, make the decision. The chances are, your gut is telling you it’s right

Life really is short, and precious. Our gut will often steer us in the right direction. Even in times of turmoil. It seems to be that it’s rarely wrong for us, you, and other people. So just try to go with your gut more today, than you did yesterday!

Post 64, over and out