The death of Dear

Post 49:

The electronic effect

We seem to be sending more and more messages electronically. We seem to be using technology to do so, namely electronic mail (or email). But has this instant message service killed off “Dear Someone?” Have we lost some of our tradition, or have we just become better at communicating? I.e. get straight to the point.

Random thought

Just in case you are wondering why I am going on about something, well negligible, I’m trying to add a little bit of randomness to the blog. Sometimes something out of the blue is nice every once in a while.

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Register for membership

Post 4:

Supermarkets, airlines and taxi companies all offer some form of membership. We obviously know such companies do this to gather data on consumer buying patterns etc but often we first think I’m not giving away my email address to XYZ for nothing.

What if an airline were to give you airmiles for each flight, after so many miles you can redeem them to put towards a flight in the future. Or, the supermarket who offers you a Clubcard to gain points at every transaction. In turn, they will send you vouchers on your related items. Using Tesco Clubcard, I got £4 off my last fuel bill. They say, “£4 is £4, why not”

Why not just go onto Gmail, Hotmail etc and get a silly (free) account to register your details with these companies? Why not reap the rewards?!

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