Memories of things in life

So we all experience things every day and sometimes these ‘things’ become a part of our memory; that moment you can recall very quickly.

Fresh memories

If something happened to you yesterday this could be called a “fresh memory” because you have the ability to remember that exact moment. The sounds, surrounding, colours, tonality of a voice, where you were going….

Fond / profound memories

Sometimes something really profound happens, you lose your parent(s) or you remember getting your first pet, these memories can stay inside your head for a very long time.

‘Gone’ memories

You simply cannot remember what you had for dinner 33 months ago. These types of memories are not traceable.

Why are memories important?

There is not a single, simple answer for this question but the following points might help to put your memories in perspective:

  • Memories show that we have experienced something. This could be enjoyable, unpleasant, or, even, unknown feelings for the first few seconds/minutes of an experience.
  • You cannot get your memories back. It is impossible to completely re-live a memory so enjoy them in that moment in time.
  • Memories show life experience because we learn from them. Sometimes memories allow us to learn or feel failure.
  • Our memories can be told to others. Will you have children? Will you adapt? Will you become an uncle / aunt? Your memories can be passed onto them. Sometimes we can use our memories to allow others to learn from an experience.

Still to come…

Sorry about the lack of recent posts these days, I have a lot of uni work going on, at the moment.

What’s coming up?

  • There’s a post on what I think is behind decisions, and how experience helps us make decisions
  • Why it is better to spend money on a bigger range of fruit and vegetables, rather than wasting it on organic fruit and vegetables
  • still thinking, as always, about what else to write and explore

See you all soon. Good luck