Some quotes to make you smile

“Believe in yourself. Tell yourself everyday “I am a talented person with a wonderful gift to give others!” Shantel VanSanten

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
William Arthur Ward

“I sometimes go to my own little world, but that’s okay, they know me there.” Joel Hodgson

Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh now and u will be happy right n-o-w. Unknown

Smile on a Monday

Who said Monday’s were always miserable?!


Happy New Year, 2013

I did it, another year blogging on WordPress. I think my content is better than it once was, and I think my level of engagement is proving that with time and effort most things are possible: if you take time and put effort into a blog’s content, it will be a good blog.

The structured dates

We all know what is going to happen for a little bit of 2013 because of who we are. For example, you will celebrate your birthday in 2013, you may even go through an old wedding album on your wedding anniversary. These are the structured dates of our lives.

A new start

If you have not had a good 2012, you could look at 2013 as being your year. Will it be the year you apply yourself and get that job? Does it allow us to start to become more positive and happy by realising that time is short and precious?

Whatever you are doing over the holidays, enjoy the moment. Really get into it, let your hair down and have a laugh. life is really short. New Year is also a new time because it allows us to turn a new page, sort of, which allows us to enjoy ourselves and others.

If I could say one thing about New Year’s, it would be:

I love New Year because the whole world, almost, celebrates the same thing.

Happy New Year bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Music: hear it everywhere

I don’t know about you but I love music. From the fast rhythm’s before I go out on a social night out with my friends, to the slower songs on my iPod whenever I don’t feel 100%, music is always there. Let me share with you, why I love music so much:

Music is universal

I am sure it is safe to say that music is literally everywhere. From North America to Europe, Asia to the Middle East, and Australia to Iceland, music is bound to be playing on someone’s MP3 player, right now, at this very moment in time! Does this mean that music is universal? Yes!

Why slow songs?

I don’t know about you but slow songs help me whenever I am not feeling totally happy. Hearing slow music lets me know that I am not the only person who is not feeling 100 per cent. It’s comforting, soothing and makes me feel good at that moment in time.

Why fast songs?

Fast songs make me feel like I can do many, many things. From running for a few miles, fast music makes me happy, the beats let me know that I can express my happiness. Sometimes fast songs allow me to feel 100 per cent. That is, I can feel totally happy with fast tracks, and they allow me to truly feel happy, in that moment in time.

Lyrics and language

I don’t have the fantastic gift of another language, but I am sure that those of you who are multilingual will agree that the words used in songs in your native language are very powerful?! Some encourage you to think about something differently, while others simply confirm your thinking, on something really close to you.

  • Do you have a favourite song?
  • Do you use a lyrical phrase in your everyday life? What is it, share it.

Thanks for allowing me to post about music, I love music, it loves me, we love each other. It seems that no matter what life throws at me, music and I get on, very, very well. So thanks to those who make it, produce it, and give it to each other as a gift.

Post 87, over and out