People watching at the airport

A few weeks ago I went home for a long weekend and on my return I noticed that everything we do is different.

Why are people different?

Monitoring flight times
Some people stand really close to the screen to see if their flight is on time. Others will glance over at a distance. Does this prove that our eye sight alone is very different?
Gaps in the queue
Queuing is an unwritten rule but making the queue reveals that we are very different. Some people will not move as soon as the gap becomes wider from the person in front whereas others close this gap as quickly as possible.
Ready for departure
Have you ever noticed that once a plane is ready for boarding a lot of people will run to the departure gate right away? Other people may take a few minutes to make their move. Even fewer people will wait to the last minute, so much so, they need to be called over the intercom system by surname.

People are different

A simple trip to the airport can clearly show how different we are. The airport, arguably, is a place in which we all do the exact same thing but it is also a place in which we act very differently.

We are all so different because we are individuals. Each human being, you and I, are different because we are a unique human being, with our very own genetic DNA, and our thoughts, feelings and reactions are different because of being a unique human.


Life experience


Direct questions

It is part of being human to have questions, thoughts and a lot of feelings about [x]. How can you have more answers, educated guesses, certainty and informed feelings based on ideas and knowledge?

Ask direct questions clears the air

If you ask someone a direct question you will have a better understanding of what you have to do, know and think. How can you do this?

Home life
Asking who wants dinner today will allow you to make sure you put enough on. Remember to be direct and specific when asking home life questions. Who wants dinner is different than who wants dinner in an hour.
Work life
Asking what format your organisation uses for reports will allow you to produce a very good report. Are you stuck on a task in work? Ask another employee “how do I…”.
What are you stuck on? Ask someone a direct question based on this.
Personal life
Are you thinking about what someone said? Ask them what did they mean by [what they said]. Being direct does not mean you will argue it clears the air. Remember that you can agree to disagree!

Tact and situation

There will be times when direct questions are inappropriate (see the comment below this blog post) so you will need to use you instinct and decide whether or not a direct question is suitable. Like life itself there must be a balance and it is up to you to find this happy medium, if you like, to do ask the right type of question in any given situation.

Direct questions are great because they usually have direct answers. Direct questions are also specific, thus clear. Be specific, within the question, name the person you are speaking to and put a realistic time-frame within the question.

Directness works in all aspects of your life. Having direct answers allows you to understand something better. If you can understand something you are likely to enjoy it, be happy and thought-free.

Happy New Year, 2013

I did it, another year blogging on WordPress. I think my content is better than it once was, and I think my level of engagement is proving that with time and effort most things are possible: if you take time and put effort into a blog’s content, it will be a good blog.

The structured dates

We all know what is going to happen for a little bit of 2013 because of who we are. For example, you will celebrate your birthday in 2013, you may even go through an old wedding album on your wedding anniversary. These are the structured dates of our lives.

A new start

If you have not had a good 2012, you could look at 2013 as being your year. Will it be the year you apply yourself and get that job? Does it allow us to start to become more positive and happy by realising that time is short and precious?

Whatever you are doing over the holidays, enjoy the moment. Really get into it, let your hair down and have a laugh. life is really short. New Year is also a new time because it allows us to turn a new page, sort of, which allows us to enjoy ourselves and others.

If I could say one thing about New Year’s, it would be:

I love New Year because the whole world, almost, celebrates the same thing.

Happy New Year bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Why I don’t particularly like TV

I do not know about you, but whenever I come home I just seem to think that the television (TV) is always on, even if people are not watching it, it runs in the background – there is rarely a silent moment with it.

TV is a friend

For some people TV can be a home comfort. For others TV can be a sign and opportunity to really relax on the sofa, with the remote control, and maybe a blanket.

No matter what, people can spend hours in front of a TV. I prefer to use a computer instead – that’s my friend. A computer gives me something to do, a TV doesn’t. A TV forces me to become full of thoughts about how unreal things and people are. It can make a joke out of life, when did you see a neighbourhood like that of a soap in your native country?

Our lazy world

TV just seems to be a really convenient medium. It has the ability to constantly update itself, even without really trying. It does this by beaming real-time signals from a broadcasting office right to your front room. But are we becoming lazy with this large box in our rooms? Maybe!

If I am away from home, I don’t watch TV. I read things online, I flick through current affairs articles, maybe watch something on YouTube, but I rarely watch a programme on TV, it doesn’t get my attention for very long.

I rarely talk about money / finance, but whenever I watch TV I think to myself:

Why is that person getting X amount of money for doing that, a nurse, for example, gets much less

I guess it is fair to say that my reality kicks in as I watch TV, things are forced upon TV viewers. The adverts increase the volume on the TV as they tell us how ‘wonderful’ their ‘not so good’ product really is. People on TV actually express themselves for who they really are! Do you think that a person on an interview panel really expresses what they think about a giving topic?

TV isn’t for me, it’s not really my think. Is it for you?