Music: hear it everywhere

I don’t know about you but I love music. From the fast rhythm’s before I go out on a social night out with my friends, to the slower songs on my iPod whenever I don’t feel 100%, music is always there. Let me share with you, why I love music so much:

Music is universal

I am sure it is safe to say that music is literally everywhere. From North America to Europe, Asia to the Middle East, and Australia to Iceland, music is bound to be playing on someone’s MP3 player, right now, at this very moment in time! Does this mean that music is universal? Yes!

Why slow songs?

I don’t know about you but slow songs help me whenever I am not feeling totally happy. Hearing slow music lets me know that I am not the only person who is not feeling 100 per cent. It’s comforting, soothing and makes me feel good at that moment in time.

Why fast songs?

Fast songs make me feel like I can do many, many things. From running for a few miles, fast music makes me happy, the beats let me know that I can express my happiness. Sometimes fast songs allow me to feel 100 per cent. That is, I can feel totally happy with fast tracks, and they allow me to truly feel happy, in that moment in time.

Lyrics and language

I don’t have the fantastic gift of another language, but I am sure that those of you who are multilingual will agree that the words used in songs in your native language are very powerful?! Some encourage you to think about something differently, while others simply confirm your thinking, on something really close to you.

  • Do you have a favourite song?
  • Do you use a lyrical phrase in your everyday life? What is it, share it.

Thanks for allowing me to post about music, I love music, it loves me, we love each other. It seems that no matter what life throws at me, music and I get on, very, very well. So thanks to those who make it, produce it, and give it to each other as a gift.

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A world within a world

Post 27:

Are we in our own bubble?

I touched on this topic a few posts ago, but as I looked at circular diagram (for one of my lectures) it reminded me of something – we are living in our own mini bubbles, or clouds.

As a whole, we are all preoccupied with our own lives, whether it is technology, socially (face-to-face) or anything else. Most of us are in our own bubble within the world.

Below, you will see that we are disjointing ourselves with the world, fact

One circle within multiple circles

Does technology enclose us?

One could argue that if we have an iPod on, or if we are using our mobile ‘phones, we are in fact in our very own circle within the world, somewhere. Is this a good thing? Perhaps, we are embracing technology! Or is this creating a negative influence on our technological minds? Perhaps, we are too engrossed within our own world we cannot see the other circles that surround us. For example, when listening to an iPod, are we taking in that there are cars around us, people wanting directions etc – are we rude when we are in our own bubble?

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(6) What does the Apple “i” stand for?

Post 6:

I was thinking a few days ago (whilst listening to my iPod) what the ‘i’ stood for on Apple’s products. Initially I thought it was “internet” but an iPod classic/nano etc don’t have access to the internet, seems a little illogical. Here’s a few (random) suggestions:

  • Intelligent
  • Information
  • ‘i’ means I – in its own right
  • …or nothing!
Post 6, over and out. Thanks for reading

Music, music, music

Post 3:

  • So we get into a taxi we hear the music from the radio
  • Whilst shopping it plays in the background
  • When waiting on (or actually on) a train/bus etc we hear it from our iPod/MP3 player
  • Even worse, we hear music from the other persons’ iPod
What do you think about music?
Post 3, over and out. Thanks again for reading