Can you get time back?

The short answer is no. Time is precious.

Life isn’t a rehearsal

My aunt said that life is not a rehearsal during a conversation a few months’ ago. As soon as she said it it stuck with me. What can we learn from it?

Cease the moment
You cannot relive a moment in time. You simply cannot slow down or go back in time. So enjoy each and every moment of your time.
Reliving a moment
Even if you do the same things in order to try to repeat a day or evening you cannot relive or recreate a moment. Time is all about the here and now. Right now, you are spending your time reading this blog post. Hopefully it is useful? You cannot rewind and erase this post out of your short-term memory.
Spending time with others
Get to know the people in your life. Spend time with them. What is their favourite hobby? Do they like to drink alcohol?

Knowing just how precious time is allows each and every one of us to really appreciate the here and now. Do things you enjoy. This isn’t selfish. But remember to also make an effort with other people in your life. You cannot get time back. Do it. Enjoy doing it too.

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Laugher is important

Having a good time feels fantastic, right? In the moment of laughing it is important to soak in every moment. The reason why this is important, is because we are less likely to forget about a moment if we associate more things with it. Let me explain:

Associate to remember

Whenever you are laughing, or smiling, try to take in as much as you can. What does the room smell like? What colour was your friend’s top?

If you can remember these things, you are more likely to retune yourself into that moment. But why would you want to remember a laugh with this level of detail?

Happy moments help us through sad(er) moment(s)

Life itself is not easy: life throws up several obstacles, which can make it seem unfair. But whenever you are having a bad day, or are feeling sad because of what happened recently, try to remember what colour that top was, or what the smell smelt like. Remember this level of detail may help you smile quicker.

Without even researching this topic, I know that laughing binds people together. But I also know that smiling helps whenever you are not feeling great. Smiling, and laughing, becomes the norm once you’re feeling okay. So smile more, laugh more, get binding with other people — you will feel better for it.

Sharing laughs is fun. Smiling can lead to a laugh. It’s a good cycle to get into!