Why are mistakes a good thing?

Have you ever done something wrong and wondered why is a mistake a good thing, or a bad thing?

Mistakes allow us to learn

By making a mistake you are allowing your brain to expand: a mistake allows us to learn how to do something right because if we know how to do something wrong we know how to do it right. This is generally the opposite of what we did wrongly.

We remember mistakes

Remember the time you put on a laundry wash and the colours mixed?
Did you learn how to separate colours? Did you learn how to use a new cycle on your washing machine?
Remember the time when you burnt your hand on really warm water?
Do you now wait until the water has flown for a few minutes? Did you learn that it takes time to adjust, literally?

In short, mistakes are a good thing because we can learn from them. Mistakes happen to everyone. No one on this earth does not make mistakes: mistakes happen to every single human being on this wonderful planet.

Mistakes allow us to feel rubbish because we think we have failed, remember the failure post? Mistakes also allow us to learn, appreciate when things go right. Mistakes, for this reason, are a good thing.


Past, future, present

What does the past teach us?

Although we cannot change the past it does enable us to reflect on what has gone so right (or horribly wrong) in our lives. The past is anything that has actually happened. For some, it could be remembering how well you did in an exam, for others it could be pondering on the last time you were with your friends, thinking fondly of that smile and joke you said, or heard a friend say!

So the past is full of stuff, but what is this stuff? Put simply, it’s experience. Having the ability to remember something means that you have experienced it.

the past is experience

What can be taught about the present?

Well it isn’t great to think too far ahead. For the worriers out there, this means thinking too much about their high expectations. If one has high expectations and they are not met, then, naturally, one would feel bad.

One thing about being in the present moment is our ability to experiment with upcoming decisions. Such as, what am I going to wear in the morning? Or, I must get next week off to use up my leave. Whatever you do, make sure you experiment wisely. Don’t run yourself in to the ground. Don’t experiment too much, or too little. Time is precious, what you are feeling today will be a past memory tomorrow – hopefully a good long-lasting memory on your past.

The future is all about expectation

You cannot control the future, but you can influence the future’s impact. You could make your packed lunch in a few hours and put it in the fridge for tomorrow morning, rather than rushing yourself in the morning. Why break out in a sweat before work when you could be a little more productive with time?

Don’t expect too much though, remember not to experiment too much, or too little (as I wrote above).

Experience shapes our decisions

Use your experience in your experiments to achieve your expectations. Thanks for letting me expand on the time post a while ago. Writing this has made me appreciate that all the things in life are precious. Including the simple things!

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Advice continued

Post 70

Two people offering advice to each other

Two people offering advice to each other

Making advice personal

So in a post a few days ago on advice, I tried to touch on the importance of giving advice, but I didn’t actually get to the crux of the matter.

By simply having some advice shows a few things:

  • you have learnt from something
  • you are learning from someone
  • you are adding your own experience to make advice better

Better advice? Hum …

Well this one is difficult to answer, simply because some bits of advice are precise, specific and completely relevant to an event, that know matter what way you reword it, it won’t have the same effect – or sound nowhere as good as the ‘new’ advice.

Advice shows strength from our part. It simply shows strength. Why and how? The fact that you have gone through a difficult situation shows that you have been able to bounce back from a difficult situation. Reflecting on advice from that difficult situation confirms that you survived that situation, and have turned it into a strength of your very own!

Advice is a quality

Not everyone can give advice. So next time you find yourself helping your little nephew, daughter, grandson, partner, friend (or whoever else is important in your life) make sure you congradulate yourself for being able to offer someone one of lifes greatest gifts – advice.

Spread the advice, share the advice and together we can all make a difference

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Post 52:

Purpose of school

It’s one thing we are lucky enough to experience, yet it is one experience which we are quick at resenting – school.

From the moment we talk to the moment we start thinking for ourselves, our brain is constantly growing, devloping and adapting to situations within our lives. Yet, we don’t thank ourselves for this instrument.

When was the last time you learnt something new?

Perhaps you haven’t thought that that article in the News a few days ago enhanced your knowledge. Perhaps you failed to recognise that that new button on the photocopier you used for the first time was a mini learning curve. Perhaps we have talked to someone, listened to what they have said and took note of a new word we haven’t gave much thought about, and now use it ourselves.

Do we really reward ourselves?

For some self-awards occur all the time. e.g. Wasn’t I great at spotting the discounted item today? For others they don’t come often enough. e.g. What did I press that button for?

So how do we reward ourselves, and why should we do it? Well rewarding ourselves for something we don’t do often is recognising that we have accomplished something. Once we go out of our way to do something new, we are enhancing our lives with new skills and knowledge. Perhaps such skills will be useful to pass onto our friends, family and others we have the pleasure of coming into contact with.

Get the balance right

Of course learning something new, or seeing a new aspect is good, but spotting a discounted item isn’t really something new. Something new, is something we have learnt (as a race) and something we can pass onto others. Albeit a new option on the computer. The fact that we can learn something new just lets us know that learning is one of life’s best gifts. So why not say Go me, I just did something I wouldn’t have known five minutes ago. Rather than rewarding oneself with unnecessary self-rewards which we cannot pass on to the next generation, or even better our generation!

Learning is one of the greatest gifts we will ever have. So make sure you use this gift yourself, and pass it on to someone else. By doing so, we are embracing learning, and life itself.

Self-achievement, self-recognition … live on

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