Can you get time back?

The short answer is no. Time is precious.

Life isn’t a rehearsal

My aunt said that life is not a rehearsal during a conversation a few months’ ago. As soon as she said it it stuck with me. What can we learn from it?

Cease the moment
You cannot relive a moment in time. You simply cannot slow down or go back in time. So enjoy each and every moment of your time.
Reliving a moment
Even if you do the same things in order to try to repeat a day or evening you cannot relive or recreate a moment. Time is all about the here and now. Right now, you are spending your time reading this blog post. Hopefully it is useful? You cannot rewind and erase this post out of your short-term memory.
Spending time with others
Get to know the people in your life. Spend time with them. What is their favourite hobby? Do they like to drink alcohol?

Knowing just how precious time is allows each and every one of us to really appreciate the here and now. Do things you enjoy. This isn’t selfish. But remember to also make an effort with other people in your life. You cannot get time back. Do it. Enjoy doing it too.

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A different outlook on being tired

Why are we tired and why is tiredness a good thing?

Does tiredness…

  • …mean you have lived?
  • …show that you have been doing things with your life?
  • …mean you’ll get a good sleep tonight?
  • …prove that you are living?
  • …allow you to unwind, relax and reflect?
  • …at the end of the day mean you lead a full life?

I thought this post would be more ‘powerful’ with questions rather than answers/discussions. Do you have any questions you would like me to add? What do you think tiredness shows?

Name a hobby, and what do you get out of it?

Music is universal, at this very moment someone is listening to a song — or even better, an album.

Live music

Live music has a great atmosphere. The whole song sounds better, without even changing the words / lyrics. The reason it can sound better is because it is live. The words become clearer, the whole song is understood. The beats feel alive, fans put their stamp on a song — fans can sing along to their favourite tracks. Fans really can make music come to life.

Being at a live concert is also beneficial for a social person: I like music because it allows me to socialise with other people.

Music is motivating

For certain events I like to have music, such as going for a walk (or run), for example. Music motivates me, drives me, and allows me to do chores — even if I don’t particularly want to do them.

Music allows me to get up and start a long day. Music also breaks up a long and stressful day. For this reason, music is my life.

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Music is powerful

Beyond the lyrics, which themselves are often very powerful, music is generally powerful. Have you even heard a song in the morning, and get it stuck in your head? This is just how powerful music is. One three minute song can have a lifespan of a whole day — you sing it, hum it, or just think about it all day long.

Music connects people. People connect with music — people associate music with events, times, and other really personal things.

Music is a good hobby. Music connects with me, I connect with music. Music is my great hobby. Is music your hobby? What do you get out of it? Why do you like music so much?

So music is a hobby because it allows me to overcome many difficulties. Music is always there, and live concerts allows my favourite songs to come to life.

This post is an expansion of music: hear it everywhere.

Live and let live!

In an attempt to expand on a previous post about Northern Ireland (NI) and the island of Ireland, I would like to explain a recent incident here, in NI.

Over the weekend, a parade took place across Belfast, NI. This parade had certain conditions, which were made by the Parades Commission, and these conditions led to a little violence. But before I tell you briefly what all this fuss is about, you should know that parades take place throughout the year, here in NI. And most of these parades are taken by “Orange Men” within NI.

The small minority of people took place in a march on Sat 25th Aug 2012, but they made Northern Ireland look like a country that should be less travelled. According to reports, seven police officers were injured, three arrested, and one charged by a small criminal court (Magistrates Court) in NI [1].

Ireland and complexities

To the outsider looking in, the troubles sound a little silly. But for some people here, trouble means more than a matter of principle. It means culture. It can also mean doing the same thing time and time again – yes, this includes bad cultural behaviours, including violence.

In a nut shell, the trouble on Sat relates to the annual 12th July parade. This is taken by “Orange Men” (protestant) who agree that NI should remain apart of the United Kingdom, and therefore they gather each year on the 12th July each and every year. But on the 12th July 2012 these Orange Men passed a Catholic church (St Patrick’s), and purposely stopped outside a Catholic church when it wasn’t supposed to. They didn’t simply stop, they played music (beating their own drums etc.) while passers-by watched.

On this occasion passers-by took videos and photographs of the incident. One of them had a video showing that members of the parade purposely caused a fight with an observer, who happened to be a Catholic. This proved to be a nasty combination. The people who run the parade (Parade Commission) told the Royal Black Institution march (the march which took place on Sat 25 Aug 2012) never to stop outside St Patrick’s church again, but some people within the march on Saturday didn’t take this very well. In essence they didn’t like being told what to do, even by the parades commission — the people who look after the running of all parades within NI. On 25th Aug 2012, the group of marchers took to the same spot in protest for being told off. But like anything in NI, the police gathered to ensure both sides (Catholic vs Protestant) didn’t come too close to one another. In the past, history has proved that these clashes does lead to trouble within the surrounding areas.

Northern Ireland has differences, some people get on with these differences, others like to really annoy others by reminding them of these differences. Of course there are a few people who still like to annoy the other side for the laugh – or craic (pronounced crack: a crack on the pavement), as the locals often say!

Why should everyone just get on with it?

No matter what happened, NI would be so much better if people just got on with it. Don’t you think so? I am sure you work with somebody you don’t particularly like, yet you pass yourself with them to get on with it. Or, your neighbour is a little annoying, but you simply keep chat to a minimum to pass yourself.

These are good examples of living your life. Those who do not get too caught up with the moment of disagreement do better than those who do get caught up in the moment.

The world is beautiful

I hope whenever I reach 50 most people at home (NI) will just pass themselves. NI is a beautiful country, so much so, I would like to share this beauty with you by showing you a few places here:

Giants Causeway

This was made thousands of years ago by a volcano.

Odyssey Arena

A place for entertainment in Belfast. It includes cinema, club, pubs, bowling…


Why don’t people here get on with others as they might do on a Sat night? Pass yourself if you don’t get on with someone in a pub, or know that the song you dislike is only going to be on for a few minutes – no need to get up and go!

Belfast Landmarks

Landmarks around the city of Belfast

Parliament Buildings

The building where both sides meet, make laws and help each other

Carrick rope bridge

This is very old, but you can pass, one at a time to see part of the wonderful island

I hope you get the idea? No matter what happens, NI will always be great place. I think if everyone here got on with each other it would be a little nicer! By the way, I feel that I need to make something clear, tourists are liked here. The hatred is really for local citizens. And I don’t get commission if you travel to here!

People should get on with their lives, live their own lives, and try to let others live their own live too. If this happened, everyone here, at home, would be much happier. Their is too much negativity at times, people simply like to live today, as if it were yesterday. Sadly, people do like to live in the past. Even when they talk about the future.

I hope you get the jest of what all this fighting is about?