Be grateful — live and enjoy life

By looking at our 5 senses this post explores how we take things for granted.

What things do we take for granted?

We wake up everyday and, most of us, can open our eyes and see our world. Are you actually thankful for your eyes? Look after them. Feed them great wholefoods and go to the opticians.
Right now you can touch your screen or keyboard. Are you actually thankful that you can touch and feel things? Look after your skin. Reward your wonderful body with great food. Remember to also “touch” other people — especially those who mean the most to you. Mix all these senses up to do this.
Have you ever went into a house and smelt dinner? Be thankful you can smell and experience this amazing sensation. Some people do not even have food to cook let alone smell.
Sometimes we can taste things in our environment, for example gas, and some things are more prominent for taste, such as, food. Be thankful you can actually taste things.
People who are completely deaf cannot call their friends up on a mobile. Be thankful you can hear. Don’t blast your music up too loud every single time. Look after your ears.

Some people are born with a lack of senses or are missing some, for instance blind persons, which means they do not have all 5 senses. As a little bit of added knowledge, blind people do not “see” black things, they simply cannot see anything so their lack of vision is not black because they cannot see black in the first place.

Photo of a plaque saying: “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for”. Source.

Start being grateful. What are you grateful for? Write these down. Live these things out — live life. Don’t let bad days get you down, or bad periods — for that matter.

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Why does time fly when you’re having fun?

Why can time seem faster or slower?

Whenever we think about something we love or enjoy our brain becomes so engrossed in that thing (place, event…) which means we lose track of time. Having said that time does not change because one minute will always take 60 seconds but sometimes one hour can seem like it is one minute.

Some activities that can make time pass quickly

  • Listening to songs on a radio or albums can seem to pass time quickly.
  • Doing exercise.
  • Being on holiday.
  • Going onto your favourite website.

So time really does not change but our perception of it can/does. Time, of course, can also seem to go by slower than it really seems, for example, a Sunday evening or if you heard bad news. No matter what way time goes (fast or slow) it is important to note that you will never get it back. Enjoying time is therefore important. Do what you like to do. Spend it with people you consider important in your life. Do it! Time is precious.


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What to do whenever you have a bad day

Bad days happen to everyone. There are no exceptions to this: you, your neighbour, your cousin may not suffer from a depressive illness, but they are likely to have suffered from a bad day. A bad day doesn’t mean the end of the world. A bad day can be difficult to control, especially if we get caught up in the moment of deep thought(s). What can you do to make a bad day a bad few hours: what can you do to shorten this normal, yet unwanted experience?

listen to your favourite song
music is a very powerful tool to help us through difficult times. Music can also allow us to really enjoy a good moment — see just how powerful music is? Remember the music: hear it everywhere post, or, music, music, music post?
store your favourite text messages for easy retrieval
Do you ever get a text that makes you smile? Keep it, store it. You can do this by taking a screen shot of a text. Reading that same text can allow you to experience those good feelings, even if you don’t think you can enjoy them.
Look at pictures of you with your family, or friends (or/and your pet animal)
Actually look at the people in your life. You know all of them, I bet you can think of a really memorable moment with each and every one!
Get in touch, stay connected
Text, ring or speak to your friend(s) about normal things. Do not sit by yourself all day, get up and go — get in touch with people.

Bad days happen, they’re a part of life

Just remember that your bad day will not last forever. Your good feelings (such as the great feeling you got from a text message, for example) will be back soon. A bad day does not last forever!

What do you do? What else can you suggest?

Getting legal music doesn’t have to be difficult

Music: what are the choices?

The internet has grew so much recently, so too has misuse of the web. More and more people are downloading music without paying for it. Sometimes some of these people get caught by their native police force, others can avoid it by making use of jurisdiction and technology (such as, VPNs, for example). But it it difficult to get legal music on the internet?

Streaming services

Spotify, for example, allows users to log on to an account and choose their own songs to listen to. Although streaming is a form of downloading, it does not stay on the hard drive of your computer [1]. This means that your computer (at home) tells a website you want a song, it fetches it (maybe sends an advert with it) from the companies server and they allow you to play it through your computer. Companies like Spotify make a lot of money from adverts because they have a high level of hits (the number of people who check out their site).

There are so many other examples, so much so, I do not want to try to name them here because I probably only know an eighth of them — if that. It also varies from country to country, which is good for us — a variety is always good. But it is worth highlighting, at this point, that streaming is easy to do. This is legal because you are not depriving an artist of their earnings. However, this option is a little time consuming (i.e. you have to go to a website, log on, and type what song you want) but maybe it will get easier?

Cheap music

I am not that old but I have noticed that music has become cheaper to purchase — legally. This is a good thing, of course. Years ago I couldn’t have imagined to buy one song off an artist I didn’t particularly like. What do I mean? Well, digital music has allowed a greater access to the various parts of artists. For example, users can buy an individual track rather than buying a whole album. For example, Apple’s iTunes allows users to do it, almost effortlessly.

Digital music has become fragmented. This is a good thing!

The ethical questions

This isn’t a solution, but it could help the world to make one. And I am convinced that the world will make a global decision in my lifetime. Imagine if we all started to use technology a little better, streaming songs rather than illegally downloading them. Would this be fairer to the artist(s)? Would this make the governments in our home nations to make technology more accessible if we start to use it correctly? Would they think about giving power to the people rather than taking it away by enforcing strict laws in every country about what can and can’t be done?

If the song is really good, why not buy it? Turn that great feeling into a great act — pay for more great songs to be released.

You and I can help this. Next time you want to listen to a song, use one of these free services. They are free and fairly easy. This small change can help, especially with ethical issues.



Name a hobby, and what do you get out of it?

Music is universal, at this very moment someone is listening to a song — or even better, an album.

Live music

Live music has a great atmosphere. The whole song sounds better, without even changing the words / lyrics. The reason it can sound better is because it is live. The words become clearer, the whole song is understood. The beats feel alive, fans put their stamp on a song — fans can sing along to their favourite tracks. Fans really can make music come to life.

Being at a live concert is also beneficial for a social person: I like music because it allows me to socialise with other people.

Music is motivating

For certain events I like to have music, such as going for a walk (or run), for example. Music motivates me, drives me, and allows me to do chores — even if I don’t particularly want to do them.

Music allows me to get up and start a long day. Music also breaks up a long and stressful day. For this reason, music is my life.

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Music is powerful

Beyond the lyrics, which themselves are often very powerful, music is generally powerful. Have you even heard a song in the morning, and get it stuck in your head? This is just how powerful music is. One three minute song can have a lifespan of a whole day — you sing it, hum it, or just think about it all day long.

Music connects people. People connect with music — people associate music with events, times, and other really personal things.

Music is a good hobby. Music connects with me, I connect with music. Music is my great hobby. Is music your hobby? What do you get out of it? Why do you like music so much?

So music is a hobby because it allows me to overcome many difficulties. Music is always there, and live concerts allows my favourite songs to come to life.

This post is an expansion of music: hear it everywhere.