Possible movie?

Keep the original words

I was reading an incredible BBC news article about a boy who got lost at the tender age of five. He got adopted, and moved to Austrila were he later used technology to find his old home, and eventually his own family. If you have five minutes, give it the BBC News article a read.

Technology opens the world

It seems that as the IT sector grows, so can people’s lives! That includes those who work within the sector, to those who use it – the user of technology. It also seems that this article (and other content on the web) connects people to other people and places. Who knows if this will be transformed in to a film, as the BBC journalist suggests at the end of the article.

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(13) ReactOS vs Microsoft (and others)

Post 13:

Some argue that the number 13 is unlucky, perhaps this is not the case for this post. According to a recent BBC News article a developer asked the Russian government to give ¬£1m to go towards a new operating system: ReactOS. It claims to be compatable with all Microsoft’s software, and for (us) it’s free, open source!

Could we have the Operating System of the future? Will Microsoft have a bigger rival than Apple in its own territory, PC ReactOS?

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