What date will the new iPhone be released?

A few weeks ago, I said, in a post, that the new (sixth generation) iPhone will be released before Christmas 2012. My whispers are getting a little louder, and they say that the launch will be on Wed 12th September 2012.

What are the sources saying?

thinner, larger screen and a smaller dock connector.

Details of what the new Apple iPhone look like, or what additional features it has, are limited – even on the open web. But pictures are filtering through, and it looks like Apple are trying to retain their market share, because Android seem to be getting more and more of Apple’s market share!

Technology viewpoint

You might have heard of web 2.0 — have you? If so, you will know that web 2.0 means that users have a say and produce content for the web. For example, having your own blog is a web 2.0 element, whereas just reading a website was a web 1.0 element.

So if users create content, interact with others and take part in other user-centred content, what is next for the web? Web 3.0 — the ability to pay for services with our own technology. I think that the new iPhone will allow the internet to be used as a true communication method. Our mobile (cellular) phone will be linked to our very own bank account to pay for goods / services. This is the future of the internet. An internet which allows us to connect, more than we ever have, to complete transaction(s) on the web.


The new iPhone

It’s not too techie

I am pro Android, not because they are open source, but because their mobile’s are faster! But if you are an iPhone / Apple fan you might be interested to know that reliable whispers are stating that the new iPhone 5 will be released before Christmas 2012 – probably October 2012. If I hear a new reliable whisper, I’ll let you know.

Apple goes slimmer!

Post 42:

What does 2012 have in store?

Apple in March 2012 are going to announce a new ultra slim (15″) MacBook. Is technology simply going to get lighter and thinner? Perhaps this will mean that technology will make use of what we already have i.e. using a wall as a monitor, or making a webcam more than a Skype piece of equipment – could it detect eye movements? Could it know what part of the screen we are looking at? Will this solve the double click generation?

Happy Christmas web 2.0

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