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Where do we draw the line?

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Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read (and visit) my new blog! Feel free to comment, the more the better!

Onto the actual blog, yesterday I was reading an interesting article regarding a new battle of the Apple VS Samsung smartphone debate. What I guess was more interesting is that I just got the Samsung Galaxy S II a few days ago after reading an excellent review on TechRadar. Initially the ‘phone seemed large, but with its clear screen and (extremely) fast processor the extra centimetre seemed to become a thing of the past.

Like many people, I have several friends (and work colleagues) who are all proud owners and users of the Apple iPhone 4. One commented that my mobile was just like the iPhone 4. I guess that is true when you look at the surface of the smartphone and its applications. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S II has a similar interface to Apple’s iPhone 4 camera. However, when using the camera on the Samsung, one can easily pinch the screen to zoom in and out – how are they (Apple and Samsung) the exact same?

When can we actually say they are similar but not the same?

Just browsing random articles online, it seems that all smartphones have similar features. They are all touch screens, allowing the user to tap/touch an icon to access a particular function etc

Are companies (such as Apple) throwing away money for something that is similar but not quite the same?! Will Google fund this case to release a new Operating System for the Samsung Galaxy S II? Would a small button alteration on the camera/photo display allow the judge to throw the whole case out of court?

Where do we draw the line when it comes to technology?

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