3 things you should do to live life fully

Smile first thing in the morning and last thing at night
Smiling is very powerful because it can help out in times of stress or tension [1], but smiling can also make us look attractive and improve our overall mood [2].
Does this show that being a smiley person helps us and others? Is smiling the secret to a happy self, family, country and world?
There are times whenever a smile would be inappropriate and faking too many smiles isn’t good either but smiling more often does help. Be attractive, improve your mood and smile a little more than you normally do.
Eat wholefoods, and lots of them
A healthy diet shows inside and outside. Our body loves wholefoods because they are fully packed of important nutrients and minerals. Wholefoods go hand-in-hand with body repair and growth. Our brain also loves these foods because our mood, concentration, memory and alertness improve with a rich wholefood diet [3].
Does a diet rich wholefood diet keep us fit, slim and generally healthy? Does this make us feel good, allowing us to smile more, naturally?
Reach out. Talk and listen to your friends and family. Maintain relationships through good communication.
Meet new people. Say “hi” and start a conversation with new people. Timing, of course, plays a large part in how and when you should do this but meeting new people means that life itself is more interesting.
Sometimes in life each day isn’t as positive as others, for example, having bad days or experiencing a loss. Life isn’t always plain sailing and easy. Communication at these times can be difficult. If you do find communication hard then listen to music. All types of music. A sad song followed by your favourite upbeat song really helps you to get over this communication blep. When you do get over it reach out again. Stay in touch.

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Why do manners matter?

Most of the world’s children are brought up with basic manners, for example, saying: please, thank you, goodbye….

Manners: Back to basics

Personally speaking it is always good to get a gentle reminder about manners and making use of them regularly. My grand-parents used to be remind me of manners regularly. Not because I didn’t use them but to make sure I used them often and to everyone.

It’s nice to be nice.

Smiling alongside manners are very powerful people’s skills. They provide a really warm combination of niceness. Smile and use manners on a daily basis.

Mean what you say

Sincerity is appreciated by everyone. If you mean what you say, then what you say becomes even more powerful. Next time you say “thank you” think about it and then say “thank you” — you will mean what you say.

Tone of voice

Did you know that the tone of your voice can change the message of what you are saying. Come here, for example, can have different meanings depending upon what words you emphasis. Make sure you don’t over emphasis because this has a negative tone.

These simple gestures reflect this short post. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to do these things so no one has an excuse not to do / use them.

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Some quotes to make you smile

“Believe in yourself. Tell yourself everyday “I am a talented person with a wonderful gift to give others!” Shantel VanSanten

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
William Arthur Ward

“I sometimes go to my own little world, but that’s okay, they know me there.” Joel Hodgson

Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh now and u will be happy right n-o-w. Unknown

Smile on a Monday

Who said Monday’s were always miserable?!

The unwritten rules

Do you ever find yourself in a situation were you are standing with someone you do not know, and you both are doing the same thing? These are the unwritten rules!

Examples of “unwritten rules”

  • If someone is using the ATM (Automatic Telling Machine, sometimes referred to as a bank machine) you must stand behind them, usually three to four feet to help with privacy and fears of being mugged
  • Whenever you meet someone, you ask them how they are doing
  • If you read a post you really like on WordPress, you must hit the like button, and check out another post to see if you are going to follow that person
  • You must stand behind a person to form a queue, not to their side — such as that at a supermarket checkout
  • Whenever you hear a loud bang, you must look to that direction — where is the sound?
  • If someone smiles at you, you must smile back
  • If you walk into a kitchen and someone is cooking something nice, you should say: that smells good — before you have even tasted it

Unwritten rules are global

I think it is safe to say that these unwritten rules are global — they are recognised worldwide. These rules are generally learnt by other people, mostly our family members. They are generally done out of respect for other people.

Unwritten rules help the world go round. Do you have an unwritten rule you would like to add? Please comment below!

Laugher is important

Having a good time feels fantastic, right? In the moment of laughing it is important to soak in every moment. The reason why this is important, is because we are less likely to forget about a moment if we associate more things with it. Let me explain:

Associate to remember

Whenever you are laughing, or smiling, try to take in as much as you can. What does the room smell like? What colour was your friend’s top?

If you can remember these things, you are more likely to retune yourself into that moment. But why would you want to remember a laugh with this level of detail?

Happy moments help us through sad(er) moment(s)

Life itself is not easy: life throws up several obstacles, which can make it seem unfair. But whenever you are having a bad day, or are feeling sad because of what happened recently, try to remember what colour that top was, or what the smell smelt like. Remember this level of detail may help you smile quicker.

Without even researching this topic, I know that laughing binds people together. But I also know that smiling helps whenever you are not feeling great. Smiling, and laughing, becomes the norm once you’re feeling okay. So smile more, laugh more, get binding with other people — you will feel better for it.

Sharing laughs is fun. Smiling can lead to a laugh. It’s a good cycle to get into!