I express myself without even knowing it

Do you ever write a post and think about one little sentence within it? Well that’s what I’ve done for this post. What do I mean? Here’s what I mean:

Expression is everywhere

A few weeks ago I published a post titled Mobile Power. In it I hinted that we may even express ourselves, albeit slight, by customising the background picture of our mobile, or creating our own app or ring tone. But expression goes way beyond this – it’s in life, living things just revitalise expression.

Clothes equal expression

What we physically wear says a lot about us, as people, as individuals. Although we may not think it, when we decide to wear something we are also deciding what to broadcast to the world.

  • Have you got a white crisp shirt on? Maybe you’re indirectly saying that you’re smart, you like to look after your appearance
  • Are you wearing a bright top? Maybe you’re indirectly saying that you’re fun, outgoing, even before someone has the pleasure of meeting you
  • Are you wearing a baggy hoodie? Maybe you’re indirectly saying that you’re in leisure mode, so much so, you aren’t really in the mood to go to fancy shops

This list could go on, but I hope you get my drift? Getting someone’s drift is often used in Ireland to mean point of view. Everyday is a school say, that’s why I love education! Maybe you use a similar term in your region, do you?

Music equals expression

Perhaps a more obvious form of expression, nevertheless still an expression. What type of genre of music we listen to can tell others a lot about us, who we are, what we stand for etc.

  • Does chart/pop music mean you like most things in life?
  • Does classical music mean you appreciate all the little noises/sounds in your life?
  • Does slow(er) music mean that you are broadcasting to the world that you aren’t feeling 100% today?

Writing equals expression

You have a blog, you write on it, but what you writes allows you to express yourself. You can be you simply by having a WordPress blog. Do you…

  • …write in bullet points? Does this mean you like to get to the point, or like straight talking?
  • …use big words? Does this show you like to learn new words and enhance your language?
  • …have a personalised theme for your blog? Does this show that you are artistic?

Hold on, what about stereotypes?

I’m not trying to be totally politically correct here, but I don’t like to stereotype people and/or things. But for the purpose of this post, I feel that I haven’t offended women, men, children, the LGBT community, introverts, extroverts, again this list could go on and on.

But what I want to get across is that we are you and you! Not you and I. That is, you are you! Completely unique, just like no one else in the world has the exact same wardrobe as you! So use the contents of your wardrobe to express yourself, and enjoy your one life as you express yourself so well.

Post 80, over and out


An injection of fun

Blogging: a mix of thought, freedom and deepness

Okay, I haven’t quite made my 100th post on wordpress.com (yet), but I do hope to continue to blog on here in order to think about the topics I write about more than I do when in deep thought. In other words, writing my thoughts on here, helps me to reinforce my thinking, and (hopefully) pass the good bits onto others – you, my fantastic readers!

What do I get? What do we get?

I don’t have many followers on here, but then again who is counting? Does it affect my content, mostlikely not. But what I want to give you, my small scale following of readers, is a little bit of humour. What if, I turned some real life situations into opposite features to get everyone thinking? Let’s go:

What if:

  • when we close our eyes everything disappears
  • computer buttons don’t work but companies put them there to give us the illusion of control
  • we can breath in space but the government don’t want us to escape form Earth
  • pain never goes away, we just get used to it?
  • expensive bottled water is just tap water

Blogger: a weird post …?

So the (deep) message may be that this post is a tad too wacky, or that the randomness is complete random; nevertheless I think this post is a reflection of life itself. What do I mean? Well, that just like life, a blog post needs to have an element of fun and wackyness. If all the posts on WordPress were the same, just like our lives, the online world (and real world) would be a very, very boring place.

I hope this post has added a little fun into my blog? After posting some really deep posts, I felt that a lighter mood needed to be injected in to my content. I hope it made you smile?

Post 77, over and out

(12) WordPress blog, worth a look

Post 12:

There are millions of post on millions of Blogs … some not as good, some random, others not relevant. Here’s a Blog I stumbled upon which might be of interest (especially some comments) if you are interested in technology and/or education.


Post 12, over and out