Direct questions

It is part of being human to have questions, thoughts and a lot of feelings about [x]. How can you have more answers, educated guesses, certainty and informed feelings based on ideas and knowledge?

Ask direct questions clears the air

If you ask someone a direct question you will have a better understanding of what you have to do, know and think. How can you do this?

Home life
Asking who wants dinner today will allow you to make sure you put enough on. Remember to be direct and specific when asking home life questions. Who wants dinner is different than who wants dinner in an hour.
Work life
Asking what format your organisation uses for reports will allow you to produce a very good report. Are you stuck on a task in work? Ask another employee “how do I…”.
What are you stuck on? Ask someone a direct question based on this.
Personal life
Are you thinking about what someone said? Ask them what did they mean by [what they said]. Being direct does not mean you will argue it clears the air. Remember that you can agree to disagree!

Tact and situation

There will be times when direct questions are inappropriate (see the comment below this blog post) so you will need to use you instinct and decide whether or not a direct question is suitable. Like life itself there must be a balance and it is up to you to find this happy medium, if you like, to do ask the right type of question in any given situation.

Direct questions are great because they usually have direct answers. Direct questions are also specific, thus clear. Be specific, within the question, name the person you are speaking to and put a realistic time-frame within the question.

Directness works in all aspects of your life. Having direct answers allows you to understand something better. If you can understand something you are likely to enjoy it, be happy and thought-free.


Still to come…

Sorry about the lack of recent posts these days, I have a lot of uni work going on, at the moment.

What’s coming up?

  • There’s a post on what I think is behind decisions, and how experience helps us make decisions
  • Why it is better to spend money on a bigger range of fruit and vegetables, rather than wasting it on organic fruit and vegetables
  • still thinking, as always, about what else to write and explore

See you all soon. Good luck