Why I don’t particularly like TV

I do not know about you, but whenever I come home I just seem to think that the television (TV) is always on, even if people are not watching it, it runs in the background – there is rarely a silent moment with it.

TV is a friend

For some people TV can be a home comfort. For others TV can be a sign and opportunity to really relax on the sofa, with the remote control, and maybe a blanket.

No matter what, people can spend hours in front of a TV. I prefer to use a computer instead – that’s my friend. A computer gives me something to do, a TV doesn’t. A TV forces me to become full of thoughts about how unreal things and people are. It can make a joke out of life, when did you see a neighbourhood like that of a soap in your native country?

Our lazy world

TV just seems to be a really convenient medium. It has the ability to constantly update itself, even without really trying. It does this by beaming real-time signals from a broadcasting office right to your front room. But are we becoming lazy with this large box in our rooms? Maybe!

If I am away from home, I don’t watch TV. I read things online, I flick through current affairs articles, maybe watch something on YouTube, but I rarely watch a programme on TV, it doesn’t get my attention for very long.

I rarely talk about money / finance, but whenever I watch TV I think to myself:

Why is that person getting X amount of money for doing that, a nurse, for example, gets much less

I guess it is fair to say that my reality kicks in as I watch TV, things are forced upon TV viewers. The adverts increase the volume on the TV as they tell us how ‘wonderful’ their ‘not so good’ product really is. People on TV actually express themselves for who they really are! Do you think that a person on an interview panel really expresses what they think about a giving topic?

TV isn’t for me, it’s not really my think. Is it for you?



Post 43:

YouTube’s new feature versus Facebook’s startup

If anyone has watched the Social Network (a movie giving an overview of the inception and origin of Facebook) you will know that Facebook in the “good old days” used a rate this person feature. Well earlier today, YouTube announced a new snap feature. But is this really a new idea or just a video version of what Facebook once had?

We’re Facebook this, that, and the other …

Then again we might be Facebook mad. Who is to say anything successful is down to Facebook? After all, we are now in 2012 – a new era!

Post 43, over and out

Remember, have a great New Year