My favourite posts

A selection of life-based posts

We all write posts, some seem better than others. These are my personal best posts:

An objective post about life.
We are too quick with technology identifies a Facebook failure and explains, in brief, why some information systems have failed.
The what does Facebook do with all your data? post highlights what Facebook might start to do with everyone’s data. This is also one of the reasons why I don’t have a Facebook account.
This post gives a different view on failing. This post allowed me to get my first ‘like’ on this blog. Since then I have received a like for every post: This blog is not a failure.
The education post looks at how education shapes us.
Enjoy your body
The post writes about one of the greatest things on Earth — our body.
Music: hear it everywhere post reflects on what music is all about
Name one hobby, and what you get out of it? examines the impact music has on life. It touches on how music comes to life — live music brings life to the lyrics

A blog on life: Followers, readers and likers

A huge thank you everyone on WordPress for doing all you have done on this blog about life, if you didn’t like an article, or if you didn’t write a comment I couldn’t have created this page! So thanks for your support on here. As always, suggestions, feedback etc are always welcome. Comment, share, reblog…


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